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Official BIFF venues, sponsors and advertising partners are encouraged to host an ad-banner on your own site, media mention or eNewsletter distribution. We appreciate your help in making BIFF 2015 a wonderful event.

  • If you have specific dimension requirements we may be able to assist, with sufficient lead time. Just contact us.
  • If you are creating your own ad unit we ask that…
    • Brand Name:  The correct, branded font for our name, both “BIFF” and “Beloit” only is Huxlee Vertical. Do not use this font for other words or copy. Download Huxlee Vertical font here.
    • Colors: Black background with white type is preferred. Black type on white background only if needed. Please, no color on our brand.
  • Among our first sponsored events are the “Sneak Peek” (correct spelling) events. Your spell checker will not catch the misspelled “Sneak Peak” (wrong spelling). Please watch for this.

Low Res | Suitable for web use:


Beloit International Film Festival | Nameplate

High Res | Suitable for print use: (zip files)

30 Sec. BIFF Promo Video. (2012)


67 Sec. BIFF Promo Video (2011)

We’ll be updating this page as we get closer to the event.

Questions?  Just contact us.

Thank you!