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BIFF provides a bridge between exceptional emerging cinematic storytellers and the Beloit community. This year’s Narrative Showcase continues our time-tested tradition.

Among the Believers

This year’s BIFF is proud to showcase a slate of screenings that represent some of the best of today’s best independent documentary filmmaking.


The short film structure presents some of the greatest challenges in filmmaking. We believe creating a truly inspiring short film is among the single highest forms of the craft.

The Beloit International Film Festival

Bringing The World To Beloit
Beloit To The World

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Silent Film

This signature BIFF event features members of the Rock River Philharmonic under the direction of Maestro Robert Tomaro performing the accompaniment to one or more selected silent film classics. Since its inception the Silent Film Showcase has been a perennial favorite and ‘hot ticket’. So be sure to buy your tickets early.

Classic Film | The Maltese Falcon

Classic Film

Each year BIFF presents a seminal classic film for FREE for festival attendees, films that have exemplified over time, the true power of film. Films recognized for their societal impact and/or significance in advancing the art form. Films that if you’ve never seen you owe it to yourself to experience or share with a loved one.

Hairspray | BIFF 2016 Sing Along


Get your hair done and get ready to sing along with John Travolta and Queen Latifah at the screening of Hairspray, the BIFF Sing Along film at Luxury 10 on Feb. 20. Half the show is the audience, dressed as their favorite characters and competing on stage for prizes. Free popcorn and pop and you can bet there will be dancing in the aisles.

Stay Tuned. We'll Announce Soon!

BIFF Cares

Another of our BIFF traditions and a demonstration of one of our core beliefs. We celebrate the power of film to inform, educate, empower and move us. We’ve selected some truly exceptional films you owe it to yourself to experience. Watch for our announcements.

Wisconsin - Illinois Showdown 2016

The annual Showdown, offers an opportunity for film fans to discover the Lucas or Scorcese of the future. Films include features, documentaries and shorts. Most of the films are from the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, however they come from as far away as Door County, Green Bay and Champaign, Ill.

BIFF Special Events 2016

BIFF Events

Thu, Feb 18th | Pre-Festival Party
Grand Avenue Pub with a great blues ensemble led by Matt Goodwin.

Fri, Feb 19th | Opening Night Block Party
Films, Music, Stand-up Comedy, Animation Crafts, Live Radio Show

And more. Watch for announcements.

Welcome to our Film Festival
Welcome to our Community

This community and this festival exude warmth, even in the dead of winter.
People come for the films, but they come back for the spectacle, the food, and the good company they find.

Scott Bierman
Scott BiermanPresident | Beloit College

The City of Beloit is proud to host the Beloit International Film Festival!
Bienvenue, Bienvenido, Willkommen, Yōkoso, Welcome!

Lori Curtis Luther
Lori Curtis LutherCity Manager | City of Beloit

The Beloit International Film Festival is a place for dreamers.
Welcome to Beloit, Wisconsin –  where creativity is always in-style, the hospitality  genuine, and the power of film, undeniable.

Stephanie Klett
Stephanie KlettSecretary of the WI Dept. of Tourism

BIFF is a wonderful and engaging event that brings together people from Beloit and around the world.
Take in a wide range of films, live music, and more, and be sure to check out Beloit’s great selection of local restaurants, shops, and other attractions!

Mark Spreitzer
Mark SpreitzerWisconsin State Assembly 45th District

Welcome to the Beloit International Film Festival and welcome to Downtown Beloit!
We are glad to see you.
We hope you enjoy your movies and the many shops and eateries in Downtown Beloit.

Shauna El-Amin
Shauna El-AminExecutive Director | Downtown Beloit Association

Welcome to the 11th annual Beloit International Film Festival!
We hope your visit to Beloit is enriched, enlightened and enchanted by the magic of film and further hope your experience here is one you will share with the world.

Celestino Ruffini
Celestino RuffiniExecutive Director | Visit Beloit

We hope to welcome you to the 11th annual Beloit International Film Festival!
Come and enjoy a unique festival that embraces film, inspires audiences and excites our community!

Jonathan Webster
Jonathan WebsterHotel Manager | Ironworks Hotel

Welcome to the Beloit International Film Festival!
This festival is the prominence of who we are in Beloit – a community of connected, diversified and engaged citizens, organizations and businesses.
We hope that you’ll get a chance to experience our positive energy, our kindness and our commitment to excellence.  Enjoy!

Tim DutterExecutive Director | Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce

The Beloit International Film Festival welcomes guests from near and far, bringing our community together for two weeks of arts, food and engaging conversation.
We  will charm you from our small town with true community and culture.

Jackie Gennett
Jackie GennettOwner | Bushel & Pecks - BIFF Venue

You are among friends as you experience the best of the midwest in Beloit and we engage in the magic of film together.

Sheila De Forest
Sheila De ForestBeloit City Council

The Beloit International Film Festival is an important part of Beloit’s revival. ‘Bringing the world to Beloit and Beloit to the world’ is not just a slogan—it’s what we do.
As we enter our second decade, it’s the reputation we will build on. You need to be a part of it so please join us.

Marty Densch
Marty DenschBIFF Board President

To experience BIFF is to know the power of film.
The power to build up, promote, radiate and entertain audiences and the artist who create the films this festival celebrates.

Rod Beaudoin
Rod BeaudoinBeloit Film Festival Executive Director

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