Rated: PG13
Director: Kivmars Bowling
Length: 75 min

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Berlin. Night. An old, homeless drunk stumbles down the street. Ignored by everyone. Almost everyone. Suddenly a woman appears in front of him, mid-thirties, thin, a drug addict. They stand face-to-face for the first time in years, father and daughter, Volker and Anna. Anna is desperate and on the run from the police. She needs money urgently and demands the key to grandpa’s safety deposit box, a key which she knows her father still has. But Volker claims to have hidden it on the other side of the city. They set out on foot through the Berlin night, heading West. On the way, with Anna in pain, Volker notices she is bleeding from her stomach, but not all the blood is hers. And then Volker discovers the bloodied knife she’s carrying…As time runs out and the police close in, father and daughter walk through the night. Under cover of darkness the secrets of their East German past explode in a final confrontation, and the consequences of times past come to light.

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