Bass Ackwards

Rated: R
Director: Linas Phillips Producer: Thomas Woodrow & Jack Bennett

Length: 103 min
Adventure | Comedy | Drama

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Friday: 10:00pm – Nikki’s Cafe  Buy Tickets

Saturday: 7:30p – Bushel & Peck’s  Buy Tickets

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Yes, in Bass Ackwards, a man drives a 76 Volkswagen van across America. No, the film isn’t mired with the tired mechanics of a typical road movie. This utterly original, lyrical, and visually exciting adventure has such a light touch that it quietly sneaks up and tugs you into an overpowering appreciation of being human.
When humble Linas, kicked off of his friends couch and spurned by his lover, finds a forgotten van on a llama farm outside Seattle, he begins lurching east with nothing to lose. Slowly, the road eases him out of his relentless longing and into the moment. As his encounters with enigmatic characters take on subtly transcendent qualities, his shame and discomfort at being alone gradually give way to self-acceptance and connection. The dented, off-kilter vehicle, which valiantly, amazingly endures the journey, becomes a colorful metaphor for the human condition—our tenacity and hopefulness always tinged with imperfection.

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