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A big thank- you!

Thank you for a most wonderful event! Marvo has been honored to be a part of your 8th Anniversary Beloit International Film Festival. The festival provided not only the opportunity to share our project with your audience, but also to meet some of the great people in your community. I enjoyed meeting David at the event last evening, along with a host of others affiliated with the festival.

With special regards,

Samuel Koltinsky
Executive Producer, America’s Darling: The Story of Jay N. ‘Ding” Darling
Marvo Entertainment Group LLC

Hi there!

We’ve been meaning to drop you a note to thank you for a great experience. We were honored to have “LoveTown” as part of the mix. Your Wisconsin film-going audiences were enthusiastic and appreciative, and we also truly enjoyed getting to know some of the other great filmmakers there that weekend.

Thanks again and best of luck to you and BIFF in the future!

Ann-Janette, Jay and the crew from “LoveTown”

Ann-Janette Webster
Pioneer Productions Inc

Thank You BIFF

I just wanted to express my gratitude for what was an amazing festival. Thank you so much for selecting On The Verge and promoting it the way you did. Comedy sometimes isn’t received so well in the festival circuit. I am impressed that as a team, you have confidence in your festival’s identity to be out front and put forth such a diverse and rich collection of stories. To have On The Verge be part of that makes it all the more special to me.

Thanks again for everything, it was a great festival run by great people! From the staff, to the venues, to the engaged community and audiences – Wisconsin truly has a gem in BIFF!

I’m a huge fan!!

Pete Balistrieri
“On The Verge”

BIFF 2014 Call For Entries

BIFF Submit Film - WithoutaboxMany filmmakers are already familiar with Withoutabox and we encourage you to use this service for submitting your film to BIFF.

Withoutabox Submission


Coming Soon.
For those unable to submit via Withoutabox we will soon have a PDF available that you can print out and mail in with your film submission.

2013 BIFFY Award Winner

BIFF 2013 Award Winners

BIFFYs Awarded to Top Films

Human frailty, perseverance, fears and hope are all recognized in this year’s Beloit International Film Festival award winning films. The coveted 2013 BIFFYs were presented at the Launch Party initiating the eighth annual festival which will continue through Sunday in Beloit, Janesville and Rockford.

The award winners were chosen from among the 120 films in this year’s festival.  More than 400 films were submitted for consideration this year.

The 13 prizes recognize the films and the filmmakers, many of whom were on hand to receive their awards.  They range from awards for soundtrack and screenplay to the top films in each category of feature, documentary, short and animation.

Azooma -- Best Feature FilmBest Feature film:
The BIFFY went to Azooma, a South Korean film (subtitled). It is the story of a young mother who seeks revenge for the rape of her 10 year-old daughter. Disappointed by the indifference of the police, she decides to chase down the rapist herself. South Korean filmmaker Jiseung Lee was on hand to receive the award.

Fambul Tok -- Best DocumentaryBest Documentary:
The honors went to Fambul Tok (Family Talk) which tells the story of healing in post-conflict Sierra Leone through intimate stories of perpetrators and victims in an unprecedented program of tradition-based truth-telling and forgiveness ceremonies. The award went to U.S. filmmakers Sara and Rory Kennedy.

Treasure -- Best Short FilmBest Short Film: (under 45 minutes)
This went to Treasure, a sweet coming-of-age Asian film starting with the universal question: What is time? The film explores the concept of time between two generations. The 11-minute film from Singapore (subtitled) is the work of Sun Jun Hui and is part of Short Slot 2 at BIFF.

Bottle -- Best AnimationBest Animation:
The BIFFY for animation went to Kirsten Lapore for her American-made film, Bottle. The six-minute film is animated on location at a beach, in snow and underwater.  This stop-motion short details a transoceanic conversation between two characters via objects in a bottle. It is part of Short Slot 1 at BIFF.

Vampire Formerly Known as Dracula -- Best Student FilmBest Student Film:
The award went to The Vampire Formerly Known as Dracula, a campy journey with Dracula as he attempts to assimilate into a modern society. Part of Short Slot 4, it was created by Nate Schardin, a Milwaukee Area Technical College student.

Little Red -- Best Wisconsin FilmBest Wisconsin Film:
The award went to Little Red and Milwaukee filmmakers Tate Bunker and Miles O’Neil. This hauntingly beautiful adventure film is a contemporary retelling of the childhood Little Red Riding Hood tale as a wolfish stalker pursues preteen Milwaukeean ‘Red’ on her whimsical runaway to Florida. Happily ever after does not come easily or without a price.

Executive Directors Award – Best Actress, Hannah Obst:
Little Red
turned out to be the only double award winner this year as the annual Executive Directors Award went to Hannah Obst for her portrayal of Red, the eleven-year-old girl from Milwaukee at the center of the film.

QWERTY -- Best ScreenplayBest Screenplay:
This award went to QWERTY. The American made R-rated comedy is the creation of filmmakers Bill Sebastian and Jeremy Truelove and screenwriter Juliet McDaniel. In it, the socially outcast, but verbally gifted Zoe, when not eating, drinking and dreaming Scrabble, works a lonely job at the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles screening personalized license plates for hidden dirty words or messages. While shopping she meets Marty, a down-on-his-luck security guard in the midst of a career-changing public meltdown.

Fuzz Track City -- Best SoundtrackBest Soundtrack:
The honors went to Fuzz Track City and filmmaker Steve Hicks. This R-rated film is a rockin’ fast, fun mystery that’s full of surprises. A fresh neo-noir with a retro vibe of a classic 70′s detective flick, it is built around private dick, Murphy Dunn whose only comforts are a rundown car, clothes and a haircut he’s kept since high school.

Student Filmmaker Award:
Local students who participated in the BIFF 2013 Student Filmmaker Showcase Program were also recognized with the award for best film going to Josh Vincent, and Jacob Cullum., homeschooled students from Janesville for their film Prince Charming. A witty five-minute silent film that effectively uses 3-D animation and special effects, to tell of a prince who abducts a princess, suggesting that being whisked away by Prince Charming may not be all it’s cracked up to be.


Three special awards for film achievement.

Last Stop Salvation -- The Josh Burton AwardThe Josh Burton Award:
Recognizing the creative talents of the late local actor and director, went to Last Stop: Salvation, a Turkish film (subtitled) by Yusuf Pirhasan. The dark comedy tells the story of the inhabitants of Saadet Apartment who are about to get a lesson in grass roots revolution as they welcome a new tenant into the building who will change their lives forever.

Refuge: Stories of the Selfhelp Home -- Ken Hendricks Award for ExcellenceThe Ken Hendricks Award for Excellence:
Honoring the man who, with his wife Diane, inspired the Beloit International Film Festival, was awarded to Refuge: Stories of the Selfhelp Home, a documentary created by Ethan Bensinger and Beth Sternheimer.  The film reaches back more than 70 years to give a voice to the last generation of victims of Nazi persecution and tell the story of this singular community in Chicago that has provided a safe haven to more than 1,000 Central European Jewish refugees and survivors.

50 Year Old Freshman -- Power of Film AwardThe BIFF Power of Film award:
This went to 50 Year Old Freshman, a documentary from Deborah J. McDonald about a 50 year old Masters Hall of Fame swimmer, recruited by perennial college swimming powerhouse, Diablo Valley College, to join their swim team. It explores the universal themes of hardwork and discipline and examines the attitude that remaining relevant and vibrant as one ages is a state of mind. It is part of Double Feature 6 at BIFF.

Film Screenings

All the winning films will have multiple screenings during BIFF and screenings will be added for sold-out films. Tickets are $8 plus fees and are now on sale online. Tickets are $9 including fees at the Box Office located at Visit Beloit, 500 Public Ave. and at the door.

The 2013 Beloit International Film Festival is sponsored by the Hendricks Group in association with Beloit College and with funding from Visit Beloit. It is supported and underwritten by many local businesses, organizations and individuals.

A Full Weekend of BIFF Films & Events

BIFF CARES | Consider the Conversation

Friday is Packed with Films at BIFF

The films are running non-stop at the fifteen BIFF venues in Beloit, Rockford and Janesville starting at 11 a.m. on Friday and there are great programs Friday evening in all three cities.
You can spot the filmmakers with the identification lanyards they are wearing. They will be more than happy to chat with you about their work…just try to stop them.

Among Friday’s highlights are:

  • Beloit – Consider the Conversation: A Documentary on a Taboo Subject at 6:30 p.m. at the Eclipse Center, an award-winning film, presented in cooperation with Beloit Regional Hospice, followed by a panel including the filmmakers.
  • BIFF @ Rockford – Films at Katie’s Cup at 4 and 6:30 and, at Franchesco’s Ristorante at 6:30, a screening of the drama, The Duck Hunter (PG-17, in Italian with English subtitles). Filmmaker Egidio Veronesi will be on hand to talk about the film.
  • BIFF @ Janesville – Films all day at the Rock County Historical Society and starting at 4 p.m. at the Speakeasy. At 6:30 The Armory will present Last Stop Salvation (PG-17 in Turkish with English subtitles) a top BIFF award finalist.

Silent Film Showcase | Beloit Janesville Symphony | Harold Lloyd Speedy

Saturday Packs Them In at BIFF

Keep in mind that as soon as a film sells out, we will do our best to schedule another screening…so check with the box office or the Film & Events schedule for the latest schedules.
Saturday is the busiest day for BIFF, with all venues at full capacity.

The evening’s highlights include:

  • BIFF @ Rockford – Katie’s Cup will be showing a series of short films—some of the most creative material at BIFF, including a BIFFY award finalist for animation Bottle—at 4 and 6:30 p.m., and Francesco’s Ristorante will present Last Stop Salvation (PG-17 in Turkish with English subtitles) a top BIFF award finalist, at 6:30.

Naked Gun | Classic Film

Sunday— “It’s a wrap”…but not quite yet

BIFF continues and all eyes are on the Beloit venues today as they open at noon and continue until you are satisfied.

There are two special events in Beloit and Janesville you should check out.

  • BIFF @ Janesville – At 2 p.m., The Armory will present a special screening of Consider the Conversation: A Documentary on a Taboo Subject. The award-winning film is presented in cooperation with Beloit Regional Hospice. Following the screening, the filmmakers will join with a panel of local experts to discuss the film and the issues it raises.


Launch and Laurels Awards Night

Launch and Laurels Kicks Off BIFF 2013 on Thursday

Let the fun begin!

It’s time to kick back and spend the next four days immersed in fantasy, critical issues, love stories and parties as the Beloit International Film Festival celebrates its eighth season.

BIFF Award WinnerCome and experience the glamour of the annual Blackhawk Bank Launch & Laurels party, Thursday at 5 p.m. at the Eclipse Center. Hundreds of guests will enjoy the hors d’oeuvres and a pay bar as they get to meet many of the 100 filmmakers and the musicians from the bands selected for the new BIFF Plus Music late night entertainment.

At 6:15 p.m. you will want to be there as the coveted BIFFYs are presented to the winning films and filmmakers. This year 13 awards will be presented.

And all Launch & Laurels guests are invited to stay after the event and awards ceremony for a complimentary screening of “Little Red,” a finalist film in this year’s festival. The filmmakers will be in attendance.


Tickets for Launch and Laurels are $10 and are available at the door.

Red Tent Movie

BIFF to Host the Red Tent at Beloit College

The contemporary Red Tent Movement has engaged women in all walks of life around the world. Inspired by the hugely popular International bestseller, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, it has now been documented in a film that will be featured at the 2013 Beloit International Film Festival. The film will be screened twice in Wilson Theatre on the Beloit College campus, on Thursday, February 14, at 7:30 PM, and on Saturday, February 16, at 4 PM.

Film Page, View Trailer and Purchase Tickets

“Things We Don’t Talk About: Women’s Stories from the Red Tent” is a 72-minute documentary film. It weaves together healing narratives from inside the Red Tent, traditional red fabric spaces that honor and promote women’s healing and where women gather to rest, renew, and often share deep and powerful stories about their lives. The documentary shines a spotlight on this vital, emergent, women’s movement that is changing the way that women interact and support each other.

Filmmaker Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost will attend the Thursday screening and will answer questions following the presentation. There will be a reception at the Red Tent Temple exhibit in the Hales Gallery in Pearsons Hall, next door to Wilson Theatre, following both screenings.

Tickets are $8 plus fees and are now on sale online. Tickets are $9 including fees at the Box Office located at Visit Beloit, 500 Public Ave. and at the door.

The 2013 Beloit International Film Festival is sponsored by the Hendricks Group in association with Beloit College and with funding from Visit Beloit. It is supported and underwritten by many local businesses, organizations and individuals.

Rod, Greg & Travis

Top Flick Picks | BIFF 2013

Rod Beaudoin

Rod Beaudoin

Executive Director

I’m the executive director of the festival and have had a long history in the music industry. I search for films that are innovative and combine great cinematography with great music. I love films that capture everyday life and help the audience experience and empathize with a view and way of life otherwise unknown.

Top 10 Features or Documentaries

  1. Little Red – Feature
  2. Last Stop Salvation – Feature
  3. The Duck Hunter – Feature
  4. DAR HE: The Lynching of Emmett Till – Feature
  5. Azooma – Feature
  6. Salay – Feature
  7. SUFFERING GRASSES – Documentary
  8. QWERTY – Feature
  9. Consider the Conversation – Documentary
  10. Glitter Dust – Documentary

Top Ten Short Films

  1. The Miracles on Honey Bee Hill – Short
  2. A House, A Home – Short
  3. Milo – Short
  4. Brightwood – Short
  5. Wait for Rain – Short
  6. World for Raul – Short
  7. Man with All the Marbles – Short
  8. The Vampire Formerly Known as Dracula – Short
  9. Just Like Me – Short
  10. Shoot the Moon – Short

Travis Stowers

Travis Stowers

Selection Committee

I’m a world-traveler born and raised in Beloit. When I’m at my best I love features and shorts that effectively use the camera as a creative tool. At my worst I enjoy comedies filled with filthy jokes and non sequiturs. My favorite documentaries are more thought-provoking than informative and usually center around international or humanistic themes.

Top 10 Features or Documentaries

  1. Fuzz Track CityFeature
  2. Last Stop SalvationFeature
  3. On the VergeFeature
  4. Fambul TokDocumentary
  5. End Of The RoadDocumentary
  6. SalayFeature
  7. QWERTY –  Feature
  8. Congratulations –  Feature
  9. Beneath the BlindfoldDocumentary
  10. Deserved LessonFeature

Top Ten Short Films

  1. TxikiShort
  2. Pauline, EtienneShort
  3. Wait for RainShort
  4. BottleShort
  5. A House, A HomeShort
  6. Goodbye, Cruel WorldShort
  7. Why Do Hyenas Laugh?Short
  8. LuminarisShort
  9. The Vampire Formerly Known As DraculaShort
  10. BrightwoodShort

Greg GerardGreg Gerard

Selection Committee

I’m the Operations Director for  BIFF, a singer/songwriter and an avid Packers fan. When screening a film I ask these questions:  Is this a worthy story? Is it being told effectively? Are the actors believable? Does the technical quality support the action? Will this film appeal to the BIFF audience? As a creative artist I appreciate that each submission is someone’s labor of love and deserves respect and fairness in analysis.

Top 10 Features or Documentaries

  1. QWERTYFeature
  2. The Duck HunterFeature
  3. End Of The RoadDocumentary
  4. AzoomaFeature
  5. Little RedFeature
  6. On The VergeFeature
  7. Glitter Dust: Finding Art In DubaiDocumentary
  8. Code Of The WestDocumentary
  9. Last Stop SalvationFeature
  10. CongratulationsFeature

Top Ten Short Films

  1. A House, A HomeShort
  2. Bona NoxShort
  3. LuminarisShort
  4. Old AngelShort
  5. The Miracles on Honey Bee HillShort
  6. World For RaulShort
  7. SweatshopShort
  8. Wait For RainShort
  9. Cherry WavesShort
  10. LiftedShort
Naked Gun | Classic Film

David Zucker to Present Naked Gun – Feb. 17

David Zucker | Beloit Film Festival Honorary ChairDavid Zucker

Legendary writer, director, producer and honorary chair of this year’s Beloit International Film Festival, will bring BIFF 2013 to a close with a special appearance and presentation of The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!.

Zucker will be on hand to introduce his 1988 pioneering work in film comedy and to answer questions following the film.

The annual First National Bank & Trust Classic Film presentation:

  • Sunday, Feb. 17,
  • 2:30 p.m.
  • The Eclipse Center in Beloit.
  • Admission is free.

More info & trailer

Film Background

This is the first film in the Naked Gun franchise and features an all-star cast. A re-run of many of the gags from the original TV series “Police Squad,” it is a spoof of the sort that Zucker launched with his first dry comedy hit, Airplane. The main figure is the incompetent Lt. Frank Drebin who always “gets his man.” It is difficult to keep up with the Visual gags that come thick and fast. The plot is built around an attempted assassination of Queen Elizabeth II during an American visit using a brainwashed baseball player. The cast includes Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley, Ricardo Montalban and O.J. Simpson among others.

Presented By:

First National Bank and Trust Beloit

Local Connection

One of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers, Zucker’s worldwide box office hits include Airplane!, Ruthless People, Phone Booth, A Walk In the Clouds, and the record-breaking Naked Gun and Scary Movie franchises. The Wisconsin native recruited his brother Jerry, and friends to join him in creating the Kentucky Fried Theater in Madison before moving the company to Los Angeles in 1972. The Zucker team conceived the idea that would create a whole new film genre with Airplane! By breaking all conventions and featuring dramatic actors performing hair-brained dialogue with straight-laced sincerity.


West of Aldine

BIFF To Launch Music Festival

In keeping with a philosophy of offering something for every taste, The Beloit International Film Festival has announced that it will launch a major new festival program this February: BIFF + MUSIC.

BIFF + MUSIC will offer audiences an opportunity to hear new bands and singer songwriters on three stages in downtown Beloit on Friday and Saturday nights, Feb. 15-16 starting at 10 p.m. The plan is to present 18 carefully selected groups, nine each evening. The groups will perform one-hour sets at Merrill and Houston’s Steak Joint in the Beloit Inn, and Suds O’Hannahans and the new Riley’s Sports Bar on Grand Ave.

There will be a $5 cover charge for each venue starting at 9:30 PM. Patrons will also have the opportunity to purchase a $10 wristband at each location that will provide admission to all the venues for the night.
“Since we announced our plans to add this element to BIFF this year, we have received 174 submissions for consideration from interested bands from as far away as the UK,” says BIFF Executive Director Roddie Beaudoin. “This will add to our offerings and appeal to those here to see films as well as to another demographic that is interested particularly in music. It will expand our offerings and extend our program until 2 a.m. “

The bands will range from singer-songwriter solo artists to rock, alternative and jazz groups. “There was no restriction placed on the kinds of music we would consider. We promised a great audience and state of the art sound systems,” Beaudoin says.

“This is an experiment but one which has a precedent at many of the top festivals in the country that have combined music and film such as South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, and the Chicago Music and Film Festival” says BIFF President Ron Nief. “It will replace the BIFF After Dark parties that have been popular in recent years. Changes like this keep us fresh and help to attract new audiences.”

More Information…


Two Beloit Artists to be Celebrated at BIFF

Two honored American artists with strong ties to Beloit College will be celebrated with films and shows of their art during the 2013 Beloit International Film Festival.

America's Darling | Ding DarlingJay “Ding” Darling

A member of the Beloit College Class of 1899 and two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for political cartoons for the Des Moines Register and the New York Herald Tribune, is the focus of a new documentary, “America’s Darling,” which will receive its festival premiere at Beloit. The film will be accompanied by an exhibition of Darling’s original artwork and a showing of artifacts relating to his student years at Beloit at the Beloit College Library.

The Story of Jay N. Ding Darling
View trailer & tickets

Friday: 11:00 am — Wilson Theater
Saturday: 11:00 am — Rotary Center

Samuel Koltinsky, director and producer of “America’s Darling” will be on hand to discuss his film and the man that has been called “the best friend a duck ever had.” Darling, for whom the Ding Darling National Nature Reserve is named on the West Coast of Florida. was the head of what became the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the creator of the National Duck Stamp program, and the architect of the national system of nature refuges.

They Drew FireFranklin Boggs

World-famed muralist and Artist-in–Residence and professor of art at Beloit College for more than 32 years, is one of six World War II combat artists profiled in the documentary “They Drew Fire.” The film, first seen on Public Television in 2000, will be accompanied by representative pieces of Boggs’ combat paintings completed on the front lines of Pacific battle zones, on loan from the U.S. Army.

They Drew Fire
Film info & tickets

Friday: 4:00 pm — Rock County Historical Society
Sunday: 12:00 — Cheese People/Nikkis’ Cafe

Prof. Boggs, who died in 2009, painted murals that can be seen around the world and throughout Wisconsin. His use of new materials for these art works distinguished his work and won him many awards and commissions. One of his largest murals, tracing the history of medicine in Louisiana and commissioned by Tulane University, was recently found where it had been stored and forgotten in a World War II defense bunker along the Mississippi River. It was restored and installed in the library at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Sneak Peek Reveal Parties

Celebrating the Power of Film finally here.

Starting Next Week:

The Beloit International Film Festival officially starts next week with the much anticipated Sneak Peek programs in Beloit, Janesville, and Rockford, Jan. 29-31. By week’s end, the online box office will be open and receiving orders for tickets.

With more venues than ever before and the addition of BIFF Plus Music programs bringing exciting late night entertainment BIFF 2013 is expected to draw large audiences and many new participants when the four day Festival begins on Feb. 14.

Sneak Peek Parties:

Sneak Peek | Franchescos RockfordThose attending the Sneak peak parties will get the first look at the complete list and description of the more than 120 films along with great refreshments provided by the hosts. Attendees will receive the first copies of the BIFF 2013 Guide which have details on everything from where the BIFF Plus Music bands will be on Friday and Saturday night to where the filmmakers will be to talk about their films.

Box Office Opening Soon:

“We want everybody to get a look at the film descriptions and we will talk about the process because people need to start planning,” says Executive Director Roddie Beaudoin. “By Friday, the online box office will start accepting orders so it will be important to understand how to order tickets…we expect more than average sold out screenings this year.

Dates | Times | Locations:

Sneak Peek parties start at 5 30 on Tuesday at the Beloit Inn, on Wednesday at Franchesco’s Ristorante in Rockford, and on Thursday at The Speakeasy in Janesville. The Beloit Inn event is part of the Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours programs and there will be a charge of $5. Sneak Peeks in Rockford and Janesville are

The 2013 Beloit International Film Festival is sponsored by the Hendricks Group in association with Beloit College and with funding from Visit Beloit. It is supported and underwritten by many local businesses, organizations and individuals.

Beloit International Film Society to Support BIFF

BIFF Silent Film ShowcaseBIFF Film Society

If you are a film fan, a seeker of celluloid sensations and, in particular, if you are a “BIFF Buff,” then you should also be a member of the new Beloit International Film Society.

Help Sustain BIFF

The Beloit International Film Festival has launched its first general membership group to encourage friends of BIFF to show their support for the program.

The support will help to guarantee the continuation of this creative enterprise that has brought international praise and attention to Beloit and its residents.

It also will offer members some unique benefits including discounts and free tickets to festival events.

Learn More…

Membership Levels

Memberships are available at a variety of levels from students to patrons.

Patron Memberships:

  • $300 for two adults and include 10 free tickets, preferred seating when you buy tickets to the Silent Film, and access to the Filmmaker Hospitality Lounge.

Supporting Memberships:

  • $110 – Dual/Family (2 adults and up to 2 guests)
    • 4 Free tickets
  • $65 – Individual
    • 2 Free tickets
  • $50 – Senior Individual (65+)
    • 2 Free tickets
  • $25 – Student
    • 2 Free tickets

How to join

Memberships will be available at all BIFF events including the BIFF Sneak Peek receptions in Beloit, Rockford and Janesville, at the Box Office starting Feb. 9.

Join online soon!



BIFF at Chicago Boat and RV Show

BIFF Heading Out To Sea

Well, first it’s headed to the Chicago Boat, Sports & RV Show.

Working in cooperation with Paddle and Trail, the largest adventure sports outlet in the region. BIFF will be joining “Paddlefest” at the Chicago Boat Show – the biggest boating event in the Midwest at McCormick Place Jan. 9 – 13th.

BIFF will be part of the Paddle and Trail exhibit area where they will create a special film viewing room and provide an opportunity to see some of the films coming up at BIFF 2013. There will also be special drawings for ticket giveaways and accommodations.

Beloit area hotels and restaurants are working with BIFF to create special offers to encourage visits to Beloit. Visit Beloit promotional materials will be available to visitors.

BIFF @ Chicago Boat & RV ShowDuring the Chicago Boat Show, BIFF, now in its eighth year, will announce a new element of the 2014 film festival featuring action films created with the GoPro sports camera. The versatile sports camera is used by skiers, surfers, sky divers and canoeists and others to catch breathtaking views of their adventures from a very personal viewpoint.

Paddle and Trail“This is an astounding cooperative program and just the kind we love to develop with BIFF,” says BIFF Executive director Roddie Beaudoin. “Walter Loos, owner of Paddle and Trail, and his colleague Therese Oldenburg presented the idea to us and we jumped on it.

“The boat show has an audience of about 30,000 people in the Chicagoland area who love to travel and are looking for adventure. They also escape in droves to the natural beauty of Wisconsin every weekend. They sound like the right people for BIFF…and when we presented the ideas to the hotel managers, they agreed.”

The booth and film promotion will be handled by BIFF interns, BIFF staff and volunteers.

For more information, please go to the new BIFF website at

The 2013 Beloit International Film Festival, Feb. 14-17, is sponsored by the Hendricks Group in association with Beloit College and with funding from Visit Beloit. It is supported and underwritten by many local businesses, organizations and individuals.

Crademade Intertainment | Oranges

BIFF applauds emerging area filmmakers

Corrina Crade – CRADEmade Entertainment

In the ongoing effort to expose emerging area filmmakers, BIFF would like to introduce its fan base to writer, producer, director and actor Corrina Crade of Madison, WI. Corrina is currently completing work on a new feature-length film entitled “Oranges”.

It’s a tale of mystery, drama and a bit of the paranormal as well, and written by Corrina herself. Shooting is complete and post-production is in full swing. Corrina is a determined young filmmaker who has impressed the BIFF staff and management with her talent, zeal and charm.

Meet WI Filmmaker Corrina @ BIFF

CRADEmade Entertainment Website

Corrina will be on site at BIFF 2013 and will likely have some footage of “Oranges” to share, though the final cut won’t be ready until sometime in the summer of 2013.

Please visit her website CRADEmade Entertainment to learn more about this amazing young woman!


Hot Off The Press

Three Sneak Peeks | First Look at 2013 BIFF Program

Sneak Peek – Beloit WI, Rockford IL, Janesville WI

Hundreds of films have been submitted, reviewed and scheduled. Filmmakers from around the world are making travel plans to be in Beloit. Viewing venues are upgrading, and the dates are set for hundreds of volunteer Ambassadors to get their assignments.

BIFF Program Debut

And in just a few weeks, film fans throughout the region will have the chance to find out what’s showing at BIFF 2013.

Three “Sneak Peeks,” highlighted by the release of the complete printed program for the Feb. 14-17 BIFF, will take place this year in Beloit, Rockford and Janesville during the last week of January. These “Sneak Peek” parties will offer a chance to see the trailers for some of the top films in this year’s Festival and start to make film selections in anticipation of the opening of the BIFF Online Box Office on Jan. 31.

Schedule & Location:

Growing Reputation — Greater Access to Films

“This year, we will have more features than ever and several additional venues. We are offering our Sneak Peeks a week later than in past years and we think that should help to provide an accurate final list for BIFF patrons,” notes Roddie Beaudoin, executive director of BIFF. “Once again, our growing reputation and affiliation with a number of nationally recognized festivals, has given us access to features, documentaries and shorts that are generally seen only at the leading festivals in North America and provided us with great connections to leading filmmakers, a number of whom are planning to be here.”

Great Venues for Sneak Peeks

Tue. Jan 29th, 2013

The Sneak Peeks provide the flavor of what is to come, both in the films and in the fun. All three restaurant hosts will be putting out an impressive spread of hors d’oeuvres with a cash bar. The Beloit Inn will host the hospitality center for the visiting artists and sponsors during BIFF.

Franchesco's Ristorante

Wed. Jan 30th, 2013

Rockford’s Franchesco’s – the first venue to sell out last year— will offer “Dinner and a Movie” specials on Friday and Saturday evenings of BIFF.



Thu Jan 31st, 2013

The Speakeasy on Rt. 51 in Janesville will offer films in two function rooms each night of BIFF while food and drink are available at the bar and in the dining room.

The 2012 Beloit International Film Festival is sponsored by the Hendricks Group in association with Beloit College and with funding from Visit Beloit. It is supported and underwritten by many local businesses, organizations and individuals.

BIFF Moment | Mobile App? Heck yeah!

Hey. How about a BIFF Mobile App for this season’s BIFF?

We’re talking with Jordon Potter from Eventbase about providing a mobile app for this season’s BIFF.
Like the idea? Well, stay tuned. Coming to a Wisconsin Film Festival near you.

Hot Off The Press

BIFF 2013 Announced

Eighth season marks expansion

Rod Beaudoin | BIFF Co-Founder and Executive Director

The Beloit International Film Festival will mark its eighth season Feb. 14-17, expanding this year to more than 15 venues in Beloit, Janesville and Rockford.

“The quality and the quantity of the films submitted this year has been outstanding,” according to Rod Beaudoin, the founding executive director of BIFF. “We have been more selective than ever before and the choice has been challenging. This year for instance we will have almost 30 feature films and an amazing selection of unique documentaries along with our shorts and animation films.”

Meet the filmmakers

David Zucker | Honorary Chair - Beloit International Film Festival 2013

David Zucker | Honorary Chair

More than 100 filmmakers are expected to be on hand as well as leaders in the film festival industry who will attend and do presentations for filmmakers and students.


There will be nine familiar Beloit settings for films, many with new and improved projection equipment. They include…

  • Bushel and Peck’s Local Market,
  • Bagels and More,
  • Domenico’s,
  • Nikki’s Café,
  • La Casa Grande
  • Rotary River Center
  • Eclipse Center – Center Court
  • Two Beloit College settings
    • Wilson Theatre
    • Hendricks Art Center 

The Beloit Inn will house the Filmmaker Hospitality Lounge and will host the opening Sneak Peek party on Jan. 29.


Rockford’s Franchesco’s Ristorante will once again provide the setting for dinner and a movie Friday and Saturday nights and will host the Rockford Sneak Peek party on January 30. For the first time, Katie’s Cup coffee house in downtown Rockford will offer films throughout the weekend.


In Janesville, The Speakeasy Restaurant will again offer two screening venues and will be the setting for the Janesville Sneak Peek party on Jan. 31. They will be joined by the Janesville sponsor and BIFF Year Round setting at the Rock County Historical Society which will offer films throughout the weekend.

An exciting addition this year will be The Janesville Armory where film fans will be able to enjoy dinner and a movie on Friday and Saturday evenings as well as a special Sunday afternoon show.

Sneak Peek

The community will get the first look at the films and schedule at the Sneak Peek parties at the end of January. The program will be distributed at that time and the online box office will open for ticket sales

Opening Night

Launch & Laurels Sponsor

BIFF will celebrate opening night on Valentine’s Day with the Blackhawk Bank Launch and Laurels party at the Eclipse Center. This will be a chance to meet many of the filmmakers and catch the buzz about the “Biffy” award winning films. Awards to the filmmakers will be presented that evening.

Festival Events

Beloit Regional Hospice

Social Awareness Film Sponsor

Films will start Thursday evening, Feb. 14 and continue through Sunday, starting each day at noon. Friday evening will be highlighted by a special film presented in cooperation with the Beloit Regional Hospice.

Silent Film Showcase Sponsor

Saturday night will once again celebrate the purest form of film when the BMO-Harris Silent Film Showcase brings together the forces of BIFF and the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra for a showing of one of the silent classics of comic genius Harold Lloyd.

Classic Film Sponsor

Sunday afternoon will see a popular classic film at the First National Bank/Charter Communications Closing Party, introduced by BIFF Honorary Chair David Zucker.

BIFF Latino & ASL films Sponsor

The balance of BIFF will be filled with truly memorable films and such diverse programs as the “BIFF Latino” films and several American sign Language films in the BIFF for the Deaf program.

Kids @ BIFF Sponsor

The award-winning Kids@BIFF program will include presentations for thousands of school children of all ages.

More To Come

There are many more exciting, special elements of BIFF 2013 that will be announced in the coming weeks. There will be new elements added almost daily here on the BIFF website.

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The Beloit International Film Festival is made possible by The Hendricks Group and presented in association with Beloit College with a generous grant from Visit Beloit.

David Zucker | Honorary Chair - Beloit International Film Festival

David Zucker | Honorary Chair for BIFF 2013

David Zucker | Honorary Chair - Beloit International Film Festival 2013

Legendary Hollywood writer, director and producer David Zucker will serve as Honorary chair of the eighth Beloit International Film Festival when the curtain goes up, Feb. 14. One of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers his worldwide box office hits include Airplane!, Ruthless People, Phone Booth, A Walk In the Clouds, and the record-breaking Naked Gun and Zucker will attend BIFF screenings and events and will introduce several of his films on Saturday and Sunday. “Every one of his 15 studio films has been profitable setting an unparalleled track record in a highly competitive industry, “ noted BIFF President Ron Nief. “And this year he attains another milestone as he joins the select list of BIFF honorary chairs.”

Zucker classics screened during BIFF

Executive Director Roddie Beaudoin is currently in conversations with Zucker regarding the films that will be presented at BIFF. “We hope to show at least two Zucker classics over the weekend and have him here to introduce them and answer questions. He has also agreed to meet with filmmakers, donors and sponsors during his visit.”

Milwaukee Wisconsin Native

Starting out after college with a borrowed video tape deck and camera, the Wisconsin native recruited his brother Jerry, and friends to join him in creating the Kentucky Fried Theater, in Madison. They moved the show to Los Angeles in 1972 and parlayed theirs success into an iconic independent feature, Kentucky Fried Movie.


The Zucker team conceived the idea that would create a whole new film genre with Airplane!. The film broke all conventions, featuring dramatic actors like Robert Stack and Leslie Nielsen performing hair-brained dialogue with straight-laced sincerity. The spoof became the surprise hit of 1980 and their streak of successful movies continued with the secret agent spoof Top Secret! starring Val Kilmer, and the biting farce Ruthless People, with Bette Midler and Danny DeVito. In 1988, Zucker went out on his own to direct The Naked Gun followed by Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear and Naked Gun 33 1/3. His successes have continued with A Walk in The Clouds, BASEketbal and the revitalized Scary Movie comedy series. Currently, he is writing and producing ScaryMovie 5, to be released in 2013.

Past BIFF Chairs

Previous honorary chairs have included Robert Lee Morris, internationally renowned designer (2008); Steven McEveety executive producer of the Academy Award winning “Braveheart,” and producer of “The Passion of the Christ” (2009); Gregory Lamberson, internationally celebrated creator of horror films (2010); independent film makers CK Lichtenstein and Jack Bennett (2011) and last year, the youngest chair, actor Bobby Coleman whose performances and participation in the festival won over the crowds two years in a row.

BIFF 2013 Launch

BIFF will launch the 2013 season on Valentines Day, Thursday Feb. 14, and continue through Sunday Feb. 17. The BIFF-Year-Round program will continue to present popular films from past BIFF showings at local venues in coming weeks.

The Beloit International Film Festival is made possible by The Hendricks Group and presented in association with Beloit College with a generous grant from Visit Beloit.
The Hendricks Group
Beloit College Visit Beloit



BIFF Moment | Have you met Sammy?

We’re talking with Sammy Kriegstein, Founder and Artistic Director for the LA Music Video Festival. We’re looking forward to LAMFS’s participation in this seasons’ BIFF.

In the weeks ahead we’ll wrap up the festival schedule so you can see where-n-when LAMFS programming will be presented. Stay tuned.

The LA Music Video Festival

Who the heck is Jon Gann?

BIFF Moment | Who the heck is Jon Gann?

We’re talking with Jon Gann, Executive Director for DC Shorts and author of Behind the Screens: Programmers Reveal How Film Festivals Really Work

Jon will be joining us for a presentation at this season’s BIFF. Very cool!

What another BIFF?

BIFF Moment | What? There’s another BIFF?

Sorry Darlin’. Hate to break it to you like this. Yes, there’s another BIFF… in Boulder CO. (in fact there are still others) Be that as it may, a reminder about Snowmen, the movie this weekend at the Lincoln Tallman house in Janesville and early discussions about collaborating with the BIFF in Boulder CO. Nifty eh? Stay tuned.

Collaboration Baby

BIFF Moment | It’s about collaboration baby!

Rod Beaudoin, Executive Director for BIFF is workin’ it at the International Film Festival Summit in Austin TX. He’s lining up a variety of collaborative efforts with other film festivals for building out this season’s BIFF.

Go Rod Go! Work it!

The Film Festival Summit 2012

BIFF Moment | The 2012 Film Festival Summit

We’re here at the 2012 International Film Festival Summit in Austin Texas. Let the knowledge exchange, relationship building and collaboration begin.

SLU | Society for Learning Unlimited

BIFF presenting at SLU | Society for Learning Unlimited

SLU | Society for Learning UnlimitedThe Beloit International Film Festival (BIFF) will offer another program during the Spring 2013 SLU term.

The program will include an overview of BIFF history, operations, and effect during its eight years of existence. BIFF staff members will describe how BIFF was created and how BIFF works on a variety of operational levels.

In addition, students will be treated to a series of films from the BIFF vault, and a discussion of the process of film criticism and rating. The class will also be exposed to early submissions for BIFF 2014, and given the opportunity to choose at least one film that will then be included in the film screening program for the 2014 festival.

These sessions offer engaging information, entertainment and lively discussion!

For more information visit the SLU website.