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American Street Kid

Directed by Michael Leoni

Feature Documentary
USA | 1hr. 44 minutes | 2016

After the death of two young girls, filmmaker Michael Leoni set out to make a public service announcement about America’s homeless youth.

He went out with the plan to shoot for one day, but after meeting the kids and hearing all of their stories, one day turned into seven years.

Determined to share their stories with the world, Michael continued to show up, day after day, night after night. The kids were inspired by what he was doing and opened up their world to him and gave access to a reality that few people ever see.

Out on the streets, every minute is a matter of life or death. For Michael, remaining an observer was no longer an option. He had to help the kids and would do everything in his power to get them off the streets.

American Street Kid begins as a mission to spread awareness but transforms into a journey of friendship, family and triumph.

American Street Kid Poster

Michael Leoni | American Street KidMichael Leoni
Director, Writer, Editor, Producer

Founder of An 11:11 Experience, Michael has always committed himself to creating exciting material that can reach beyond the scope of traditional entertainment, challenge an audience’s beliefs, and motivate a movement for positive change.

Most recent film credits include writing and directing the feature documentary, American Street Kid as well as the short films Radford Rd., Deliver Us, Spare Some Change and Someplace In Between – an Official Selection in the LA Shorts Film Festival.

Film Information

Director: Michael Leoni
Country: United States
Year: 2016
Language: English
Runtime: 1 hr. 44 min.
Rating: R


Producers: Michelle Kaufer, Michael Leoni, Jon Pavlovsky, Erica Katzin
Director of Photography: Abigail Elliott, Joseph Hendrickson
Key Cast:
 Ryan, Bublez, Ish, Nick, Greenz, Kiki, Mischa, Crystal, Nessa

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