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Directed by Antonio Spano
Documentary Feature
Belgium | 71 min | 2021

The Democratic Republic of Congo could feed almost 1 in 2 people on Earth.

Yet one in six Congolese people suffer from hunger.
Yet one in two Congolese suffers from moderate acute malnutrition.
Yet agriculture accounts for 70% of the population there.

Faced with this paradox, the peasants regroup in agricultural cooperatives. A handful of them share their daily lives with us, that of all those they represent.

Even if they don’t know each other, live thousands of hundreds of kilometers from each other, participate in different agricultural sectors, their voices resonate in this powerful, sensitive and sincere documentary.

‘Shellfish’ is the result of a hungry team of students with limited budget and resources, giving it their all to produce a coming-of-age comedy with a bit of stop motion animation.

Stop motion sparked my love of filmmaking at nine years old. Now at 25, I hope the uplifting, fun-filled nature of my team’s first film brings joy and emotion to any festival we’re fortunate to screen at, especially following a year that was anything but fun-filled.

Many young filmmakers poured their blood, sweat, and tears into this, and we learned A LOT in the process that we hope to share. Thank you so much!

Amuka | Film Poster

Antonio Spano, Director | AmukaAntonio Spano

Antonio Spanò is an experienced independent filmmaker born in Milan, in 1985.

His cinematic style is recognizable in his films and is a distinctive mark in the commercials he directs.

Antonio’s most recent film “Amuka”, has been released in 2021, produced by Popiul and RTBF.

His previous documentaries are the most awarded italian documentaries (50 awards), produced in 2013, 2014 and 2016 and have been selected in more than 230 international festivals.

All documentaries are distributed internationally and have been broadcasted in numerous countries around the world.

He worked also as a producer, cinematographer and camera man for broadcasters and film productions.

Film Information

Director: Antonio Spano
Country: Belgium
Year: 2021
Language: French, Swahili
Runtime: 71 min.
Rated: PG


Producers: Benjamin Stienon
Writer: Antonio Spanò
Editor: Virginie Messiaen

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