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Directed by Layne Marie Williams
Narrative Short
USA | 7 min | 2021

A night in the life of a modern day Blanche DuBois as she plays host with old friends after isolation in quarantine. As her night unfolds, we are immersed into the fantasy world of Blanche’s obsession with nostalgia

Hello, I’m Layne Marie Williams. I love stories about unique worlds and the fantastic characters that reside there. “Blanche” is a deep dive into the tales we tell ourselves in order to get by. Inspired by Tennessee Williams’s “A Streetcar Named Desire” as a woman from the Deep South it was a real delight to create a world and character inspired by the one and only Blanche DuBois. Utilizing a memorable color palette and tantalizing language, “Blanche” immerses its audiences into the meaning of social butterfly.

Blanche - Poste

Blance - Layne Marie WilliamsLayne Marie Williams

After arriving in Hollywood, it took filmmaker Layne Marie Williams not even two weeks to land her first LA directing gigs. Not surprising, given the talents of this acclaimed Chicago filmmaker. Prior to arriving in LA, Layne Marie has logged over a dozen credits, everything from writing and directing award-winning shorts to developing web series to producing internationally acclaimed features. All that, and yet this young auteur is just getting started.

Barely 30, Layne Marie Williams has already founded the non-profit film organization Women of The Now and cofounding of The Women’s Film Festival. She recently started her own production company as well, entitled Legacy Marie Pictures. No matter what her endeavor, whether it’s making films on her own, or supporting other filmmakers, Layne Marie cultivates the world of film with brave storytelling choices and enthralling characters and images you’ll never forget.

Film Information

Director:  Layne Marie Williams
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Language:  English
Runtime: 7 min.
Rated: PG


Writer: Alekandra Martin
Producer: Alekandra Martin
Cinematography: Olivia Aquilina
Editor: Ana Christian

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