Short Screened before feature film: 3 MILES EAST


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Genre:  Drama, Family
Country:  U.S.
Subtitles:  No
Runtime:   81 min.
Director:   Kyle Arpke
Producer:   Kyle Arpke
Website :  N/A

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“Catalyst” follows two brothers searching for closure while coping with their parent’s divorce.

The younger brother, Terrence (Justice Rieth) looks above, to God and the church.

The older brother, Keeran (Nick Kavanaugh) hopes a friendship he has with a talented classmate (Erika Sorenson) can turn into more, proving to himself that he will not take the same road as his parents.

“Catalyst” blends neo-realism and religious metaphor to dive deep into a family living with echoes of a harmful past.

Short Film Screened Before Feature:

3 Miles East

3 Miles East | Samuel KarowGenre:   Documentary
Country:   U.S.
Subtitles:   No
Rating:   G
Runtime:   11 min
Director:   Samuel Karow
Producer:   Samuel Karow
Website :
3 Miles East


Filmmaker Samuel Karow pays tribute to his childhood home in this experimental documentary that is equal parts family portrait and personal rumination.

Over the course of one year, we discover the 40 acre farm property through Karow’s eyes as he faces a major life choice: stay and inherit his parents’ greenhouse business or leave to pursue a career in film.

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