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Directed by Emma Li
Documentary Short
USA | 5 min | 2019

A mother and father tell a true story of kindness, cruelty, and a chicken.

The writer and producer, Rosa SanMarchi, approached us out of the blue (digitally) to direct this film after a recommendation from a friend. Immediately after reading the script we knew it was something we wanted to work on. It was a thrilling experience to collaborate with someone new, who already had a vision for the film but was looking for other voices and opinions to bring it home. The collaborative spirit of our team really reflected what we were trying to convey on screen, that we are all better when we listen to one another.

Chicken - Poster

Emma Li, Director | ChickenEmma Li

Emma Li is an artist working in illustration, animation, game development, and writing. Recently graduated from Harvard with a B.A. in Art, Film & Visual studies, she originally hails from Platteville, Wisconsin. Chicken is her second film and reached Semi Finalist status at the 47th Annual Student Academy Awards.

Film Information

Director: Emma Li
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Language: English
Runtime: 5 min.
Rated:  G


Animator:  Emma Li
Key Cast: Shusen Zhang, Qiong Li

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