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Cold War

Directed by Richard Gray

Short Narrative
USA  | 9 minutes | 2015

In the midst of the Cold War, a Soviet soldier makes his way across the Bering Strait to the frozen shores of Alaska. When he is found by an armed hunter, he must convince her, without being able to speak English, that he is a genuine defector.

Cold War - Richard GrayRichard Gray 

Richard was born in Melbourne, Australia. He is a graduate of the Victorian College of The Arts, School of Film and Television.

His short film “Yellow Brick Dreams” won multiple international film festival awards.

Richard was Runner-up in Project Greenlight 2007 with his screenplay, “Summer Coda”, which moves into production in 2009.

Cold War Poster

Film Information

Director: Richard Gray
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Language: Russian
Runtime: 8 minutes


Producers: Jaime Houge and Michele Gray
Executive Producer: T. Patman-Thomas
Cinematographer/DP:  John Garrett
Lee Zacariah
Editor: Max Miller
Assistant Director:
  Kim Barnard

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