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Hanging in There

Directed by Nathan Israileff
Narrative Short
USA |14 min | 2021

Matt is interrupted during a suicide attempt, by his friend Andy, and what commences is a conversation about depression, suicide and understanding.

2020 was hard for a lot of people, and in a year when we had to look inside of ourselves for strength that we don’t always find, I felt it important to shine a light on the uncomfortable conversation of depression & suicide.

Hanging In There | Poster

Hanging in There - Nathan IsraileffNathan Israileff

Nathan Israileff was born in San Francisco, CA, has lived all over the world but adopted Chicago as his hometown after moving for university. He graduated with a degree in Film & Video Production from Columbia College Chicago, and after nearly a ten year hiatus has returned to the film industry (his first love) in 2020. ‘Hanging in There’ is his first project since ‘Animal’ (2008), shot in early-2021.

Film Information

Director:  Nathan Israileff
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Language: English
Runtime: 14 min.
Rated: PG-13


Writer: Nathan Israileff
Producer: Amanda White Del-Pino, Nathan Israileff
Cinematographer: Jessica Tolliver
Editor: Amanda White Del-Pino
Original Music: Frank Turner

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