Short Slot 2

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Thu Feb 27, 2020 – 7:30 pm | Hendricks Arts Center
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Directed by Siamak Kashefazar
Narrative Short
Iran | 17 min | 2020

Reza and Tooba are young couples that have a house in the mortgage bank. Reza enters the gambling game to pay the bank installments, But he lost her wife without knowing it. Now, he comes back home and understands the depth of the tragedy and looks for the way to escape and running away from gamblers, But it’s too late and they are behind the door. Tooba realizes the facts, little by little.

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Gambling addiction is obvious in most countries around the world, But in the third world, countries become serious dangers in the lower layers of society.

Haunt - Siamak KashefazarSiamak Kashefazar

Like kids my age and during my studies, Seeing school plays, I became interested in theatre and acting. Of course, my interest in cinema came from watching two films and a serial. AMIR NADERI’S memorable film “Runner” and “HAMOON” by DARIUSH MEHRJUIE. KHOSRO SHAKIBAEI’S playing in the film “HAMOON” and a few years later, his brilliant playing in“Green House” series interested me in directing in cinema. I make a double effort to works in my films. Although he died very early but it gave me hope and motivation to work to create lasting and profound works

Film Information

Director: Siamak Kashefazarr
Country: Iran
Year: 2019
Language: Persian
Runtime: 17 min.
Rated: PG-13


Producer: Siamak Kashefazar

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