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Fri Mar 4, 2022 – 5:00 pm | Downtown Beloit Association
Sat Mar 5, 2022 – 12:00 pm | Domenico’s #2

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Hayden & Her Family

Directed by May M. Tchao
Documentary Feature
USA | 70 min | 2020

HAYDEN & HER FAMILY follows the nuanced and intimate adoption journey of an American family who is raising seven biological children plus five special needs Asian orphans. This film is timely as we live in a culture of increasing racial diversity and unconventional family building. Through the lens of the parents we explore themes of alternative parenting, challenges of special needs adoption and ambitious altruism. HAYDEN & HER FAMILY gives voice to the often underrepresented adoptive parents with an unflinching look and insights to special needs children.

Family is one of the most basic and profound human experiences we all share. This film gives a poignant perspective on being a family in an increasing racially diverse culture and tolerance for the special needs. One out of 25 U.S. families with children have an adopted child through foster care, open or international adoptions. More than 90% of new adoptees require special medical attention and many more are waiting. We hope this film will inspire the audience to get involved and help make a difference for humanity; and also allow the adoptive parents a safe space to share their experiences and concerns without judgment.

Hayden & Her Family - Poster

Hayden & Her Family - May May TchaoMay May Tchao

May May transfers her skill from TV commercial production to documentary filmmaking after more than 35 years in the Chicago’s advertising business. She is a Kartemquin Alum and takes her projects from concept to finish often wearing many hats to manage production details. Her roles include shooting as second-camera person, editing string-out, transcribing and even designing her marketing materials. A firm believer in “learning by doing,” she honed in her craft by collaborating and consulting with filmmakers at Kartemquin Films for production, post-production and outreach. Her directorial debut SPILLED WATER has won awards and was shown in national and international film festivals. It was broadcasted at PBS stations WTTW/Chicago and KQED/ San Francisco and is now distributed by Alexander Street Press.

HAYDEN & HER FAMILY is May’s second film. This film has received many accolades for the successful national broadcast premiere on Public Television’s WORLD Channel’s American ReFramed series for the National Adoption Awareness Month, November, 2021.

Film Information

Director: May M. Tchao
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 70 min
Rated: PG-13


Writer: May May Tchao
May May Tcha0
Executive Producer:
May May Tcha0, Jamie Lee Curtis
Cinematography: Stephanie V. Strauss, Sam Rong
Editor: Laurie MacMillan
Original Music: Craig J. Snyder

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