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Here & After

Directed by Shaun Crawford
Narrative Feature
Canada | 62 min | 2020

Out on a day pass from an in-patient treatment program, Ray meets Arora, a woman who claims to experience life backwards one day at a time. Initially, just trying to kill time until the liquor store opens, Ray agrees to go with Arora when she makes the audacious claim that she can predict the outcome of the day. As they walk through the city, visiting book stores and art galleries, she pulls him deeper into her accounts of love and enchantment, and the two strike a deal to spend the whole day together.

As they continue to debate the nature of love, Arora reveals that she experiences life backwards one day at a time and that the two of them spend most of their lives married. If what Arora says is true then it’s not only the first day Ray is meeting her – it’s also the last time Arora is ever going to see him.

Their journey reaches as far as a geological marvel on the outskirts of the city, and as close as the confines of Ray’s own home as Ray reconsiders his plans to relapse in favor of this new connection, and Arora comes to terms with how she could ever say goodbye.

Fish can also be found in the pond.
It is not necessary to search for fish only in the sea and rivers.
What beautiful fishes that were neglected in small towns, perished and died.
It was enough to trust them a little.

Here & After - Poster

Here & After - Shaun CrawfordShaun Crawford

Shaun Crawford is an award-winning filmmaker with a particular interest in the singular capacity that movies have to touch the heart. As a screenwriter, Shaun’s first two feature films, A Miracle on Christmas Lake and Everfall both premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival and then collectively received distribution with Sony Home Entertainment and Columbia Tristar, aired on HBO, the Movie network, and Showtime, and received DVD/Blu-ray releases. Here & After is Shaun’s directorial debut, born from a desire to explore his own love for magic realism and classic Hollywood romance.

Film Information

Director: Shaun Crawford
Country: Canada
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 63 min.
Rated: PG


Writer: Shaun Crawford
Producer: Brett Connors,  Shaun Crawford, Brett Ferster
Cinematography: Brett Ferster
Music: Scott Steneker
Editor: Brett Connors

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