Descendants Short Slot

Fri Feb 23, 2018 – 7:30 pm | La Casa Grande
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King Kong

Directed by Lo Xu-Ming Tong

Narrative Short
Canada | 19 min | 2017

Eliza and her brother Damian live in Toronto with their mother. After she suffers an accident, they must travel to Montreal to join their father. The story is centered on Eliza, a young teenager. Having to take care of her brother and their wellbeing, this trip represents her first outing into the world as an independent woman filled with responsibilities.

King Kong - Lo Xu-Ming TongLo Xu-Ming Tong
Director, Writer

Lo Xu-Ming Tong was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. From 2010 to 2015, he studied Fine Art at Central Saint-Martins College of Art and Design where two of his films were shown at numerous film festivals. He works across film installations, narrative film and branded content.

King Kong

Film Information

Director: Lo Xu-Ming Tong
Country: Canada
Year: 2017
Language:  French with English subtitles
Runtime:  19 min
Rated: R


Writer: Lo Xu-Ming Tong
Producer: Géraldine Feraud-Miniconi
Cinematography/DP: Ménad Kesraoui
Music: Sacha Ratcliffe

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