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Directed by Timothy Hall
Narrative Feature
USA | 80 min | 2021

A man reunites with his estranged, transgender parent as they journey to scatter his late mother’s ashes off the Georgia coast.

“Landlocked” marks the feature film debut of transgender actress, Delia Kropp, in the lead role of Briana.

I am haunted by the paradox of life in the American South. Being Southern involves reconciling both pride and shame. You are born, inheriting a dark and complicated past.

The South is changing.

My vision as a filmmaker is consumed by exposing the possibilities we possess to reshape our story in the South. While I lament the broken aspects of the culture I am a part of, I am attuned to the reality of hope and rejuvenation. I believe human stories of change and growth can help usher us into a future not marked by division but one of restoration.

Landlocked Poster | Timothy Hall, Director

Timothy Hall, Director | LandlockedTimothy Hall

Timothy Hall is a graduate of the School of Filmmaking at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. ‘Landlocked’ marks his third feature film. Hall’s previous feature, ‘Born River Bye,’ won the Georgia Film Award at the 2017 Atlanta Film Festival. It was also nominated by the Georgia Film Critics Association for the Oglethorpe Award for Excellence in Georgia Cinema.

The film would go on to play various festivals around the country, including the Carmel International Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival, Macon Film Festival and Full Bloom Film Festival. His debut feature, ‘Ordinary Wilderness,’ premiered at the 2012 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. Hall lives in Mableton, Georgia with his wife and two sons.

Film Information

Director: Timothy Hall
Country: United States
Year: 2021
Language: English
Runtime: 80 min.
Rated: R


Writer: Timothy Hall, Jonathan Foster
Daniel Hansen, Timothy Hall, Leslie Hall, Alexander Sablow
Key Cast: Dustin Gooch, Delia Kropp, Ashlee Heath
Director of Photography: Alexander Sablow
Editors: Daniel Hansen, Kevin Tadge

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