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Lost Face

Directed by Sean Meehan

Short Narrative
Canada & Australia | 14 min | 2016

Lost Face is a classic story by legendary writer Jack London about a man out of place and out of time. Subienkow is a Polack, who in mid-1800’s Russian America finds himself the second-to-last survivor of a group of Russian fur-thieves who have just been defeated by liberators from the local tribe they have enslaved as forced labour. Now Subienkow faces a long, protracted and painful death unless he can come up with a plan for escape.

Lost Face - Sean MeehanSean Meehan
Director, Writer (adaptation)

Sean graduated film school in Western Australia, then spent a decade in the camera department, working his way from 2nd AC to cinematographer on commercials, television series and feature films before becoming a commercials director. Lost Face is Sean’s first film.

Lost Face - Poster

Film Information

Director: Sean Meehan
Country: Canada
Year: 2016
Language: English
Runtime: 14 min
Rated: R


Producers: Sean Meehan
Associate Producer: Matt Gillespie
Executive Producer: Sam McGarry
Cinematographer/DP:  Sean Meehan
Production Design: Amy A. Brewster
Costume Design: Deitra Kalyn

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