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Directed by Julius Schultheiß

Germany | 1 hr 16 min | 2016

Lotte is impulsive, rough around the edges and leads a colourful life on the streets of Berlin, stumbling from man to man and flat to flat. One night in her local bar she bumps into Marcel, an almost forgotten acquaintance. Just after he recognises her Lotte takes flight, finding refuge in the flat of her friend Sabine. The following day, the events of the previous evening still grate on Lotte and she cannot seem to shake them off – even during her work at the hospital. A young girl, Greta, is brought in, Lotte takes care of her and a gentle affection develops between them. But this happiness is short-lived because, a little later, witnesses an encounter between Greta and Marcel. The three catch sight of each other and Lotte realises she will not be able to run away this time. Something seems to be coming together which does not belong together. Lotte’s own wounds, apparently healed, are reopened by this moment …

Lotte - Julius SchultheissJulius Schultheiß
Director, Writer, Producer

Born in Marburg, Germany in 1985, after completing school he undertook his national service in a special school for sick children, also in Marburg. He was then an intern in film and television production companies in Berlin and Munich, working in the areas of production/ copy editing and floor management. In 2007 he began studying visual communications specialising in film and television at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. Since graduating in 2013 he has been living and working in Berlin.

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Film Information

Director: Julius Schultheiß
Country: Germany
Year: 2016
Language: German
Runtime: 1 hr 16 min
Rated: R


Producers: Roni Zorina, Julius Schultheiß
Cinematographer: Martin Neumeyer 
Anna Kappelmann
Makeup Artist: Hanna Riehm
Sound:  Stephan Konken, Ulrich F. Stanke, Simone Weber

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