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The March of the White Elephants

Directed by Craig Tanner

Documentary Feature
South Africa, Brazil | 52 minutes | 2015

The March of the White Elephants debunks the conventional wisdom that staging a World Cup in compliance with the FIFA model delivers sustainable benefits to the population of the host country. It reveals the real legacy of the FIFA World Cup – state of the art stadiums that were built to stage a four-week tournament will stand idle for decades to come, soaking up funds needed for health, housing and education.

Filmed primarily during the high energy protests against the FIFA 2014 WC in Brazil, the story tracks a left wing journalist who is upset about how his country has been abused, and through his eyes we move between the streets and the commentary of those close to the inner workings of the FIFA machine.

We also go back to Durban South Africa to get direct testimony from social activists who make it clear that from their perspective that FIFA is a modern day parasite abusing both South Africa, Brazil and many other countries love of Football

The March of the White Elephants - Craig TannerCraig Tanner
Director, Producer, Writer

Craig Tanner’s filmmaking draws on skills developed as a lawyer over three decades – initially as a labour lawyer representing trade unions in South Africa in the late 1980s and 1990s, then as an arbitrator determining workers compensation disputes in Australia, and in recent years as a barrister. His documentaries reflect the practices of his day job – careful research, analysis of evidence, leading and cross-examination of witnesses, crafting argument and exposing the fallacy of disingenuous assertions.

The March of the White Elephants Poster

Film Information

Director: Craig Tanner
Country: South Africa, Brazil
Year: 2015
Language: Portuguese – English
Runtime: 52 minutes


Producers: Dan Jawitz, Bridget Pickering, Craig Tanner, Laura Burocco
Writer: Craig Tanner

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