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Minor Key

Directed by Ivan Sainz-Pardo
Narrative Short
Spain | 12 min | 2018

“The moving story about a man locked in a Portuguese Fado”

It always comes down to characters. Superficially, combining science fiction and the wild west may seem difficult. But, the challenges weren’t the visual effects or science fiction weapons; the challenges were about character.

I don’t believe in genre. I believe a writer’s primary job is to be a malevolent manipulator, crafting deeply flawed characters and then constantly thwarting their ambitions.

And in that sense, this science fiction western is really a story of failed friendship, mistrust and an inability to take a leap of faith. It is, I hope, funny, quirky and deeply human.

But, my script would never have been possible without my amazing team! James Wulfgar’s science fiction weaponry and props are as good as any Hollywood film. Branden Miletta’s visual effects work is stupendous. Luis Caffesse’s amazing editing blows me away; I could never do what he does. Bytheway-May’s music carefully balances the comedy and action of this short film. The costumes and sets are incredible.

And the cast! The cast did such an amazing job! Michael Tabb, Jason R. Moore and Chris Ranney own their roles. They bring so much depth and detail to their characters.

I’m truly blessed to have such an amazing team help bring my quirky, strange, genre mash-up to life. We hope you enjoy Honor Among Thieves!

Minor Key Poster

Minor Key - Ivan Sainz-PardoIvan Sainz-Pardo

Ivan holds a degree in film and television by the prestigious Munich Film School (HFF München). He works as director and screenwriter in film and advertising and also as Consultant Content in the international image stock company Framepool. He has won more than 400 Awards at film festivals around the world, an Academy Award (Oscar) pre-nomination, GOYA 2018 prenomination, Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis nomination, and Best European Short Award at the International Fantasy Film Festival of Brussels.

He works as a film and advertising director and screenwriter. He is actually working also in his first feature film in Germany.

Film Information

Director: Ivan Sainz-Pardo
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 10 min.
Rated: PG


Producer: Ivan Sainz-Pardo,  Guillermo Delgado
Writer: Ivan Sainz-Pardo
Music: Philipp Fabian Kölmel
Cinematographer: Jose Martín Rosete

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