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On The Path

Directed by Amir Sarrafha

Short Narrative
Iran | 15 min | 2014

The husband and wife have lived lovingly alongside one another for years. Now the man is old and frail and death is at the doorstep. The old woman keeps him hopeful by giving him promises of the healing Zamzam water coming from Mecca…

On the Path - Amir Sarrafha

Amir Sarrafha

Amir Sarrafha was born in Iran 1979. He received a Masters degree in Cinema in 2000 and has been making films and TV series ever since.

On the Path Poster

Film Information

Director: Amir Sarrafha
Country:  Iran
Year: 2014
Language:  Persian
Runtime: 15 min


Producer: Amir Sarrafha
Director of Photography: Peyman Shadmanfar
Writers: Daryoosh Rabiei
Key Cast: Ali Asghar Shahbazi  and Rabee Madani

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