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Operation Wolf Patrol

Directed by Joe Brown
Documentary Feature
USA | 86 min | 2020

“Operation Wolf Patrol,” is a feature length documentary about eco-activist, Rod Coronado, and his attempt to end wolf hunting in the United States.

Over the course of three years, we watch Rod work to redefine his activism in an era– post 9/11, where some have called him an “eco-terrorist.” The film comes to a climax when Coronado’s “Wolf Patrol” is met with a tightening of “hunter harassment” laws that prohibit photography on public lands. Now Coronado has to ask himself is he willing to go back to prison to fight a law that some are calling “unconstitutional.”

“Operation Wolf Patrol” is longitudinal film about the silencing of an activist group advocating against animal cruelty. When I set out to make the film I was concerned with environmental issues such as poaching, species conservation, and wildlife management. What I found in making the film was a turbulent political landscape characterized by extreme polarization, toxic masculinity, racism, and authoritarianism. When I look at “Operation Wolf Patrol” with this realization in mind I am struck by the fact that during the years I was filming, 2014 – 2018, I was documenting the unraveling of America at its fringes. Ultimately, this film represents 5+ years of work, a legal battle about free speech, and a changing America.

Operation Wolf Patrol - POSTER

Joe BrownJoe Brown

Joe Brown is a filmmaker and educator. His film work has been featured by festivals such as: The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, the Birmingham Sidewalk Festival, the Dallas International Film Festival, the Milwaukee Film Festival, and the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival. Brown’s current production, Operation Wolf Patrol, has been featured by web platforms such as:, The DoDo, and the Earth Island Journal. Brown teaches video production at the University of Denver in Colorado.

Film Information

Director: Joe Brown
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 86 min
Rated: PG-13


Producer: Joe Brown
Photography: Joe Brown
Editor: Joe Brown, Mario Andrew Fierro

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