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Directed by Alison Turner
Narrative Short
USA | 12 min | 2020

At an annual brunch, five wealthy benefactors suddenly find themselves covered in blood when their sushi model takes a chopstick to the jugular. Now two detectives, one a seasoned pro and the other a Patrick Swayze superfan, must cut through this motley gang’s self-centered attempts to manipulate the truth, and get to the bottom of this utterly first world crime. In this absurd dark comedy, Detectives Parker and Parker (no relation) try to answer the questions everyone is asking: Who killed the victim? Why are none of the suspects nervous? And why do they eat sushi like that?

Philanthropy - Poster

Signing on to direct this film was an easy “yes” for me. The team behind this female written, directed, and produced short film set out to create a story on screen that reflects the diverse world we live in, while staying true to our comedic roots. The comedic timing each performer brought to set was just *chef’s kiss.* And we are proud our cast and crew represent a variety of individual backgrounds, including African American, Middle Eastern, LGBTQ, Latinx, and Asian.

Philanthropy - Alison TurnerAlison Turner

Alison Turner is a 2017/18 Sony Diverse Directors Program Fellow. Her short films and digital series have been featured on WhoHaha and Funny or Die. She began her career as an acting teacher and on set acting coach, working with Sean Giambrone on the first four seasons of The Goldbergs. Alison has shadowed multiple television comedy directors including Lew Schneider, Pam Fryman, Phill Lewis, Richie Keen, and most recently Andy Ackerman on the CBS multi cam comedy Happy Together. She is currently developing her own female-driven comedic series, and continues to coach on set for multiple network comedies.

Film Information

Director: Alison Turner
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 12 min.
Rated: PG-13


Writers: Lisa Linke
Producer: Caity Ware
Director of Photography:  Mariscela Beatríz Méndez

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