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Sat Feb 22, 2020 – 7:30 pm | Hendricks Arts Center
Sun Feb 23, 2020 – 12:00 pm | Hendricks Arts Center

Punch Me

Directed by Tim Schwagel
Narrative Short
USA | 6 min | 2019

Two girls rob a gas station…poorly.

Hannah is down on her luck, and she turns to her old friend Sammy for help. Unfortunately, Sammy’s method isn’t really what she was expecting

Megan Marie Connolly and Claudia Krogmeier brought their individual styles to the table and blended them to make “Dear Frankie.” Megan Marie seeks to make audiences slightly uncomfortable in her emotional dramas that are never as simple as black or white. Claudia’s unique and experimental tastes help to push her projects to new heights. “Dear Frankie” was originally written as a domestic dispute culminating in a violent encounter between two women in their home, involving long takes and characters frozen in place. With Megan Marie’s personal experience on the subject matter, the film came together as a heartfelt piece about a corroded friendship and the halting nature of healing and acceptance. The global super 8 competition Straight 8 provided an excellent opportunity to bring this story to life through film, and a way in which to grow stronger in the art of pre-production and purposeful pacing of our story. Straight 8 challenges filmmakers to tell a story on a single cartridge of super 8 with no editing and no post production. After this challenging exercise, in which we were honored as Straight 8 finalists at the 71st Cannes Film Festival, we found that this personal, unique story had an extraordinary impact on audiences. Audiences can watch this film ten times and still learn something new during each screening. We decided to tweak the film to our liking and edited, colored, and sound designed our film. We are so excited to share this final, completed version of “Dear Frankie” for the first time with audiences worldwide.

Punch Me - Poster

Punch Me - Tim Schwagel

Tim Schwagel

I’m a filmmaker based in Eau Claire WI and i’ve loved movies ever since my dad took me to see “Dinosaur” when i was three years old. Eau Claire doesn’t have a large film community, but it is strong and i feel lucky to be able to do what i love right in my home town.

Film Information

Director: Tim Schwagel
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 6 min.
Rated: PG-13


Producer: Kyle Lehman
Writer: Tim Schwagel
Director of Photography: Nick Houchin

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