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Sunset Contract

Directed by Marc Conen
Narrative Feature

United Kingdom | 93 min | 2017

The Devil herself appears before businessman Brad and tempts him into signing a rewarding contract before the end of the day.

Sunset Contract - Marc Conen DirectorMarc Conen

Marc Conen is an enthusiastic writer, producer and director currently residing in Utrecht, The Netherlands. An avid film lover, he decided to make a career switch from engineer to independent filmmaker a few years ago. During his film studies in Amsterdam, he quickly emerged as a professional director, producer and script writer. During those times, he created and participated in many short film productions.

In order to make a jump to the international scene, he, together with his business partner/actor Peter Nicholas started the production company Indiepend Pictures. They wrote, produced and distributed their first international English short film High Tea independently, which ended up at a host of international film festivals. For example, it made its way into the in competition shortlist of the Palm Beach Film Festival in 2012. It ended up selling well on Apple’s iTunes VoD service.

This achievement prompted the company to start creating feature films. Marc decided to write the stories himself. Sunset Contract is his second feature film script. His first feature film script – Larry’s Rose, written in 2013 – is planned for production at a later stage.

Marc’s film making vision is based on the classical and archetypical, yet unpredictable way of storytelling. As a writer-director, his primary focus is on what he calls ‘pure drama’, as he considers this the most vital part of any film production. His first feature film Sunset Contract (2018) was created with this vision in mind.

Sunset Contract Movie Poster

Film Information

Director: Marc Conen
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2017
Language: English
Runtime: 93 min
Rated: R


Producer: Peter Nicholas, Marc Conen
James Ellis
Cinematography: Goof de Koning
Composer: Rene Ahoud
Sound: Leleane Lindenaar

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