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Directed by Laurent Teyssier

Narrative Feature
France | 83 min | 2016

In the South of France, Philippe lives between two worlds: his cannabis deals and working the family farm. The day his father, who is deeply in debt, tries to kill himself, Philippe decides to save their last plots of land. To do so, he needs money – a lot of it and fast. Philippe joins forces with a major dealer in the region to set up a huge drug network within the farming market. It’s a network from which he’ll have difficulty extracting himself.

Toril - Laurent TeyssierLaurent Teyssier

Laurent Teyssier grew up in a farming family in the region of Avignon and kept a certain attachment to the south in his work, with its lights, its atmosphere, its heat. He studied film at Montpellier and Montreal, Canada.

Toril Movie Poster

Film Information

Director: Laurent Teyssier
Country: France
Year: 2016
Language: French with English Subtitles
Runtime: 95 min
Rated: R


Producer: Fred Prémel, Christophe Bouffil-Cantoni
Nicolas Capus
Cinematography: Baptiste Chesnais
Composer: Rene Ahoud
Sound: Leleane Lindenaar

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