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Celebrating Women in Film | BIFF 2019Directed by Miguel Forneiro
Documentary Feature
Spain | 72 min | 2019

Thirty years ago in Yeserias, the former Madrid women´s prison,  a civil servant and graduate from Drama School named Elena Cánovas founded Teatro Yeses, a drama company for consisting of female inmates. This is the story of their journey. And it is  as well a meditation on the therapeutic and liberating character of drama, whose practice has helped women to get in touch with their emotions. As well as an education, theater gave them the ability to fend for themselves.

Miguel Forneiro, DirectorMiguel Forneiro

MIGUEL FORNEIRO (Madrid, SPAIN, 1965). He is currently Head of Production of “Remember When”, the most successful drama series in Spanish television. He has been producer in “Niger, the silent emergency” and “Haiti, under construction”, both UNICEF documentaries. As a director, his credits include the first TVE webseries “San Genaro Diary”, as well as several videoclips for musicians, plastic artists and Yeses Theater.

Yeses Movie Poster | Miguel Forneiro, Director

Film Information

Directors: Miguel Forneiro
Country: Spain
Year: 2019
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 72 min.
Rated: PG


Producers: El Espontaneo. Ganga Producciones
Miguel Forneiro
Cinematography: Miguel Forneiro
Sound: Antonio Carreres
Raquel Marraco, Jose’ Luis Picado

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