Honest conversations on which we disagree and yet do it respectfully, something that is in rare supply, especially when it comes to politics and other highly charged subjects.

Just because we are both black, do not assume that we agree on everything, especially all things having to do with Race.

Pops & Cash Conversations | Pilot Video

February 22, 2018

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Pops & Cash Conversations | Pilot Video

February 15, 2018

This is the first “Pops and Cash Conversations” Pilot Video. This is a series of weekly videos in which my son, Nate (Cash) and I (Pops) will sit down and discuss any of a variety of topics. This includes race.

Though we are both black males, we are different. Some of that difference is generational, some of it is just individual differences. We do not see eye to eye on politics and a few other issues and that is what makes our conversations interesting.

Watch this pilot and let us know what you think. Milt (Pops).

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Our Issues Milwaukee Interview

November 22, 2016

Host Andrea Williams talks to author Milt Thompson whose book, “The Only One In the Room,” discusses race in America and why problems persist.

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Things have changed

September 27, 2017

I just want to make an observation about what I am seeing in the news concerning the protests taking place in NFL stadiums around the country.

People are commenting on whether the protests are appropriate and whether or not it makes a mockery of the sacrifice of soldiers who served, and the many who died in service to their fellow citizens, protecting the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. So much is being written about this subject that I have nothing of significance to add to it. I would however, like to talk about what this particular protest is revealing and how it is different than past protests and demonstrations.

The major difference causing great consternation is that the protesters really don’t care what white people think! This is a departure from what the older ones among us experienced in the Civil Rights Movement. The work and sacrifices of Dr. Martin Luther King and others did not gain much national attention and did not really have the intended impact, until white people participated. When white people felt that racism was wrong and decided that the country had to change, then change happened.

At that time the majority of the legislators in both Houses of Congress and the President were white and when they decided that it mattered, Civil Rights legislation was passed. Change happened.because they made the change legitimate.

Pressure to Conform

Today things are different. Whether you agree with how these protests are being carried out or not is irrelevant. No one is taking a poll to determine whether or not the protests should continue.

To those who are concerned about unequal treatment in the arrests of black men, your opinion means less and less as time passes. Unfortunately it is being joined to a discussion on the subject of patriotism and respect for the national anthem.

These protests have upset many people, both white and black. That has not been taken into account. Military veterans have weighed in on both sides of the issue. All of this would normally create a kind of peer pressure that would shut this particular form of protest down.

It is a new day and the pressure to conform to certain norms does not hold the pull with certain groups that it used to have. There were NFL players who participated in the protests and have said privately that they did not completely agree with the means. This is a different type of peer pressure.

As A Christian…

I know that what I am sharing is obvious and counterintuitive but I had a real epiphany today on the golf course. It was triggered by an old guy, who was white, and was very obnoxious toward me.

I was playing as a single and was allowed to ‘play through’ by another group of old dudes. They were friendly, respectful and wished me a good round of golf. The next group acted like letting me play through was like passing a kidney stone. One of them politely asked me if I wanted to play through, while the other two golfers remained on the tee box and did not move. I then asked them if they were asking me if I wanted me to play through. One of them said, “Yes!” in a loud and obnoxious manner.

I could literally feel the hairs of my neck rise up and my face grow warm. I wanted to tell him not to get snippy with me and take out his frustrations about what is going on in the country out on me. I wanted to tell him that he needed to thank the Lord that he was being disrespectful to me, and not a younger guy who might have knocked him out. Finally I wanted to tell him that I understood how hard it was for him to be living in a time where his tenure at the top of the food chain was being questioned.

As a Christian I had to spend the next few holes asking God to forgive me for the uncharitable and hateful thoughts in my heart. I thought that I was over being angry at white people. I found out that I was wrong. Though I had let this affect me, when I left the course it hit me that most blacks don’t care what white people think. They no longer look to whites to legitimize their feelings or thoughts.

This change is going to lead to increased tensions, protests and counter protests. Unless people begin to understand that this history of lack of disrespect and unequal treatment has led to this, there will be continued consternation, confusion and resentment. I sincerely hope that things change.

I hope that someone comes up with concrete actions on how to change the real issues that our country faces. I hope that strategies are implemented that do not alienate some of the very people who would be open to supporting the real message that underlies the kneeling and arm locking. I also hope that the President seeks to understand the underlying reasons for why people are so frustrated that they are willing to take such radical actions to make their views known.

Name calling and questioning the motivation behind their actions is not helping. An increasing number of the protesters are protesting the President’s words and actions.

I am praying that he would lead by asking the various parties to come to the White House, asking them to explain their views. He has spent a lifetime honing his skills as a negotiator and deal maker. There is no bigger deal than this.

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