Short Slot 6

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  • Voice
  • Love and War
  • Momento
  • Think Big-Think Small-Scale
  • In The Cooler
  • Misserable Peace
  • That’s Showbiz
  • Alienware Industries
  • Community
  • Mister Atse in the Pursuit of an ascending career



Genre: Animation
Country: USA
Rated: G
Runtime: 5 minutes
Director: Hedy Yudaw
Producer: Hedy Yudaw


An experimental animated poem that reflects a sad loss.

Love and WarLove and War


Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 15 minutes
Director: Lautaro Gabriel Gonda
Producer: Lautaro Gabriel Gonda


In a muddy hole in war-torn Europe our hero suffers a wound and laments a lost love, and back stateside in a swanky ’20s lounge he battles back and forth with various women. He’s a lover and a fighter, damaged but determined. With the help of a beautiful young nurse he heals and returns to the front to face his fate.

MomentoThe Momento


Genre:  Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 7 minutes
Director: Stephen Pickering
Producer: Stephen Pickering


On his way home late at night, a friendly driver stops to offer a ride to a hitchhiker. Their drive pauses at the driver’s home where they go inside and warm up with a cup of coffee and a shocking revelation.

Think Big Small ScaleThink Big-Think Small-Scale



Genre:  Documentary
Country: Brazil
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 7 minutes
Director: Luana Lobo
Producer: Luana Lobo


A short documentary about Sergio Cezar’s art and its power of transformation. Sergio is also known as “Cardboard Architect”. He uses micro-trash to recreate facades, slums and whole cities. His work is an invitation for recycling the way we look at things

In the CoolerIn The Cooler



Genre:  Drama, Comedy
Country: USA
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 12 minutes
Director: Brad Binning
Producer: Brad Binning


In a heater-less car on a frozen day, stuck between his boss’s funeral and funeral procession, a man ponders life, loss, pigeons, urinals, and what might happen when he talks to the boss’s wife.

Misserable PeaceMisserable Peace

Genre:  Drama, Crime
Country: USA
Rated: PG
Runtime: 10 minutes
Director: Evan Trout, Nick Tucco
Producer: Evan Trout, Nick Tucco


A young man reflects on past events that led up to a fatal tragedy. The story begins with simple love that soon crumbles into a nightmare. He is faced with a moral dilemma that will not only change the course of his life, but many others. Miserable Peace is a riddle that remains unresolved until the final seconds of the film.

That's Show BizThat’s Showbiz



Genre:  Comedy
Country: USA
Rated: G
Runtime: 2 minutes
Director: Robert Jarzen
Producer: Robert Jarzen, Jim Lyke


Follow the creative process in show business from the blank page to the critic… in one minute.

Alienware IndustriesAlienware Industries



Genre:  Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Rated: G
Runtime: 7 minutes
Director: Johnny Wittnebel
Producer: Jody Wittnebell, John Wittnebell


2 aliens are sent to earth disguised as humans to study the way of the “earthlings”.




Genre:  Documentary
Country: USA
Rated: G
Runtime: 10 minutes
Director: Marc Kornblatt
Producer: Marc Kornblatt


Community’ is’ a short documentary about co-operative learning in and beyond a diverse third grade Wisconsin classroom. The film features narration by students explaining what they think of their work as they jump rope together, sing, solve math problems, read to kindergartners, learn about Martin Luther King’ with senior citizens and persevere on a six-mile round-trip hike to their state capitol. As the children reveal the importance of forging positive relationships, they are wise, charming and a pleasure to watch.

Mr.Atse: In Pursuit of an Ascending Career Mister Atse in the Pursuit of an ascending career



Genre:  Animation
Country: Netherlands
Rated: G
Runtime: 6 minutes
Director: Hein van Dijk
Producer: Hein van Dijk


Mr.Atse in pursuit of an ascending career.













































Country: USA
Rated: G
Runtime: 5 minutes
Director: Hedy Yudaw
Producer: Hedy Yudaw