Fade In

Short Slot 8

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  • The Planting
  • Goldenbox
  • Remy
  • Int. Bedroom-day
  • Fade in
  • In Her Eyes

PlantingThe Planting



Genre: Drama
Country: Canada
Rating: R
Runtime:  5 minutes
Director: Jason R. Goode
Producer: Dylan Jenkinson


After a wasted life of digging holes and filling them back in, Chris is faced with the task of digging his last hole.

Golden BoxGoldenbox



Genre: Comedy, Action
Country: USA
Rating: R
Runtime:  16 minutes
Director: Matt MacDonald
Producer: Matt MacDonald, Damian Horan, Camila Ohara Tanabe


Best friends Jeff and Tucker have grown up like most boys: playing video games and causing mischief. Now, late into their 20s, Jeff’s new job promotion is moving him out of the country and away from Tucker’s irresponsibility forever. With one last night together, they have to break into the UP-Ex shipping facility to steal back a package – a mysterious golden box – and hope their friendship can survive the adventure




Genre: Drama
Country: Spain, USA
Rating: R
Runtime:  11 minutes
Director: Roi Fernandez
Producer: Roi Fernandez


A wig-seller with a secret life. A tango singer with a dark obsession. Both are bond by the night and tango.

Int. Bedroom-DayInt. Bedroom-day



Genre: Comedy
Country: Canada
Rating: R
Runtime:  5 minutes
Director: Murray Stiller
Producer: Dean Emerick


A short film proving that in the bedroom performance is everything.


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Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Rating: PG-17
Runtime:  20 minutes
Director: Jeton Murtishi, Doug McDade
Producer: Jeton Murtishi


 An online chat room conversation with a child predator leads to a meeting with a loving family’s 14 year old daughter and an unexpected visitor.

Fade InFade in



Genre: Drama, Comedy
Country: Singapore
Rating: R
Runtime: 8 minutes
Director: Derrick Lui
Producer: Derrick Lui


A beautiful woman examines her features for signs of fading fortune and looks. She wonders about change and aging and feels somehow that it is who she is.

In Her EyesIn Her Eyes



Genre: Drama,Thriller
Country: Australia
Rating: R
Runtime: 19 minutes
Director: Robert Smellin, Chris  Smellin
Producer: Lori Young