White Wanderer – MZUNGU

White WondererRated: G
Director: Shana Gilbert           Producer: Shana Gilbert
Length: 77 min
Rwanda, Uganda, USA

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MZUNGU is not just another Social Justice Documentary. You know the kind — filmed in Africa to pull on the heart-strings of the 1st World to send their money and cry-a-tear. No. Finally, there exists a global issues film that shows more than the flies-on-the-face and the hopelessness in the world.

Mzungu IS the rest of the story. What happens after the filmmakers and the characters go home? This story begins with four average, middle-class American college kids — all a bit unsatisfied with post-9/11, and being handed the American Dream with little to no effort on their part. Together they set-out to ‘save-the-world’, and rather end up uniting an entire community of friends working together for change.

Shana Marie Gilbert, Producer/Director, witnessed American youth culture flooding to Africa and making a mess of it. But what if there was a better way? What if it was possible to actually Help people? Her journey to find this answer became the story Mzungu. The power of this film lies in the question it forces us to ask ourselves: …is Love the answer?


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