Love is so damn catchy

B-Side Movie Poster
Category:  Comedy / Romance
Country:  US
Language:  English
Rating:  PG-13
Runtime:  97 min.
Director:  Amos Posner
Producer:  April Lamb

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MIKE ZUMSTEG is a DJ for an underground internet radio station he helped found. APRIL SIMON is a fading pop star on what she expects to be the final tour of her career.

When April writes in to Mike’s show after he randomly makes a joke at her expense, the two end up meeting and forming an unlikely relationship.

As she swings in and out of town, April is drawn into the lives of Mike and his roommates as they give her the sense of home she lost during her career. But when Mike learns his station is folding, and April’s career takes a surprising turn toward a comeback, the mounting pressures of life threaten their idyllic New York romance.

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