Media KitMedia Kit

Official BIFF venues, sponsors and advertising partners are encouraged to host an ad-banner on your own site, media mention or eNewsletter distribution. We appreciate your help in making BIFF 2015 a wonderful event.

  • If you have specific dimension requirements we may be able to assist, with sufficient lead time. Just contact us.
  • If you are creating your own ad unit we ask that…
    • Brand Name:  The correct, branded font for our name, both “BIFF” and “Beloit” only is Huxlee Vertical. Do not use this font for other words or copy. Download Huxlee Vertical font here.
    • Colors: Black background with white type is preferred. Black type on white background only if needed. Please, no color on our brand.
  • Among our first sponsored events are the “Sneak Peek” (correct spelling) events. Your spell checker will not catch the misspelled “Sneak Peak” (wrong spelling). Please watch for this.

Low Res | Suitable for web use:


Beloit International Film Festival | Nameplate

High Res | Suitable for print use: (zip files)

Questions?  Just contact us.

Thank you!