Dear BIFF Fan,

Thank you for supporting BIFF simply through your attendance.
Some of you are BIFF Film Society Members. Thank you for that.
And some of you are sponsors. Thank you for that.
Some of you are our founders. You started something enjoyed by many.
Still others of you are volunteers. Thank you specially.
(Even though we don’t need so many this year, we know who you are and you’re very special to us.)

The fact that you and so many others attend and otherwise support BIFF in various ways it validates that we must be doing something right that people like you appreciate and value the experience.
Thank you. It means a lot.

Keeping it brief; we realize that there are many entities both public and private that are working very hard to keep the doors open and the lights on. We realize that arts programming like BIFF is not more than it is within the broader mix of community needs. That said, our fiscal stewardship with your help, has allowed us to present this, our sixteenth season with quality, positioned to absorb what comes this season and live to fight another day.

To help us get there we would ask that you consider:

  • Becoming a BIFF Film Society Member
  • Making a donation to help ensure BIFF for next year and the years to come

Again this year we have some truly amazing films crafted by some truly gifted independent filmmakers.
Our chief regret is that together we are not able to visit with each other. Great films are the vehicle. It’s about getting together with friends, family and loved ones around a shared experience of compelling storytelling. There’s the magic.
We’re building community here. Amen?

Enjoy the films and the filmmaker Q&A’s in particular.
And thank you for being here.

Your friends, neighbors and even sometimes family :-)
The BIFF Team
(Including members, sponsors, founders and volunteers)

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