Providing educational experiences for all ages

BIFF offers a wealth of resources at the elementary, high school and college levels.
Courses for adults, retirees and seniors who are interested in a unique look at the world of filmmaking are offered as well.

Kids @ BIFF

Kids FirstThe Beloit International Film Festival, in partnership with KIDS FIRST! (a program from CQCM that rates children’s films) and local school district representatives, presents film-critiquing workshops for area 5th grade students each year immediately before the opening of the film festival.

Students travel to the Eclipse Center in Beloit to learn about reviewing films from a team comprised of professional educators and BIFF facilitators. The goal is to create more educated and discerning film viewers, to enhance students’ enjoyment and understanding of film media, and to give them a critical thinking skill that they can use not only in film reviews, but in every other area of their daily lives.

When the students arrive at the Eclipse Center, the educators and facilitators, trained by KIDS FIRST!, begin by reviewing the major components of a film. Topics such as character development, sets, music, costumes and much more are discussed to help prepare the students for their reviews. The
importance of why films are reviewed and how filmmakers use this information are also discussed.

Students are then asked to watch a selection of short films that provide a variety of styles and content so they can see how the different components are used in the making of a film. The films are most likely productions the students will not have seen before. After the viewing is completed, the students pick the film they want to review most and complete a worksheet review. After the reviews are completed, there will be discussion about the
films as well as group participation activities to allow the students to interact and share their reviews with others.


In School Screenings

During the 2015 Beloit International Film Festival season, festival organizers and area educators will present exceptional educational films in the schools in Beloit, Wisconsin. The 2015 festival has a wealth of enlightening documentaries. Screening these films will show area youth new parts of the world while exposing them to great independent cinema.

Along with these screenings, the Beloit International Film Festival will provide an engaging “talk-back” about the films by way of supporting curriculum packets which students can take home for further research.

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If you are an educator and would like to participate in this program.
Adam Fogarty | Assistant Director - The Beloit International Film FestivalAdam Fogarty
Assistant Festival Director
The Beloit International Film Festival

BIFF Film Club

This fall the Beloit International Film Festival, in cooperation with Beloit Memorial High School, has launched a new after-school program called Film Club.

Working with teachers, professionals in the field of film and representatives from BIFF, the club offers students insights and experiences in filmmaking, film criticism, history, analysis, and film festival mechanics. They will also gain practical experience through hands-on interaction with the film festival itself. As part of the filmmaking experience, students are tasked with writing, shooting and editing public service videos for a variety of topics (such as tardiness, school spirit, anti-bullying, etc.) which will be shown on the BMHS electronic billboards or online at the BMHS website.

The concept of Film Club was realized by BMHS Principal, Tina Salzman, and BIFF Executive Director, Rod Beaudoin, prior to the start of the 2014 fall semester. BMHS teacher Fernando Buendia serves as the advisor to the Film Club students, and working with him is Corrine Wiesner, a BIFF intern and Beloit College graduate. Film Club meets every week and is open to all BMHS students. Buendia and Wiesner made the following comments defining their experiences thus far:

“The Film Club has been working because it is having students using knowledge gained from various classes to interpret film. The students that have been involved have seen this as a fun way to add depth to a medium that has become commonplace for them.” (Fernando Buendia, BMHS Teacher)

“Film Club is allowing BMHS students to interact with their peers, teachers and people involved in BIFF to learn about film, express themselves, and make valuable connections to people in their high school and larger community. And I think that’s just great!” (Corrine Wiesner, BIFF Intern)

The new program is the latest in BIFF’s outreach effort to create discerning and critical film viewers, working with students at all levels to enhance their enjoyment and understanding of film media.

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If you are affiliated with an area high school and would like to learn more about how to start a BIFF Film Club at your school please contact:
Adam Fogarty | Assistant Director - The Beloit International Film FestivalAdam Fogarty
Assistant Festival Director
The Beloit International Film Festival

BIFF Adult Education

For the past several years BIFF has been developing a program in cooperation with the Society For Learning Unlimited (SLU), a Beloit area service to adults who are looking for a wide variety of new educational experiences. During the fall and spring terms BIFF provides a four-week mini-course that introduces attendees to the world of BIFF.

Students get an overview of BIFF including the creation of the festival, its nearly 10 year history, an inside look at operational procedures and a demonstration of some of the online sites and applications the staff uses to curate, collect and rate film content.

The class will also be exposed to early submissions for BIFF 2016, and given the opportunity to choose at least one film that will then be included in the film-screening program for the 2016 festival.

These sessions feature engaging information, entertainment and lively discussion.

BIFF will soon be offering this same SLU program at the New Zion Baptist Church in Beloit and plans for expansion throughout the region are in the works.

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Adam Fogarty | BIFF Assistant DirectorPersons interested in bringing the BIFF Adult Education program to their area please contact:
Adam Fogarty
Assistant Festival Director
The Beloit International Film Festival

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