BIFF CLASSROOM Adds New Help Yourself Films Programs

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Sunday March 4, 2018 — 2:30 PM
Schubert’s Luxury 10 Theater
2799 Cranston Rd. Beloit


BIFF CLASSROOM Adds New Help Yourself Films Programs

BIFF Classroom

Kids FirstSince its inception, BIFF has been aware that the best way to thrive in any community is to give something back to those who have supported you. BIFF CLASSROOM is a group of programs that have been developed over the last fourteen years, taking the knowledge that the festival has gathered from one year to another and sharing it with a wide array of local students.

BIFF CLASSROOM is another way in which the festival attempts to give back to the Beloit community and surrounding area. Programs are underwritten through generous support of the organizations and corporations whose logos you see listed below.

Help Yourself Films

Regina Hendrix | Help Yourself, Beloit CollegeJoe Bookman | Media Studies, Beloit CollegeOne of BIFF’s most effective and respected community outreach programs, KIDS@BIFF has brought thousands of elementary school-aged children together in an effort to teach critical thinking skills related to media by way of independent film. In partnership with KIDS FIRST! (a program of the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media) KIDS@BIFF engages area 5th grade students in discussions of film quality. The program includes classroom visits from BIFF staff, and a field trip to Schubert’s Luxury 10 Theatre in Beloit.

BIFF reaches out to area high school students through its part in the Help Yourself Films initiative.The program was designed in partnership with Help Yourself Films Director Regina Hendrix and Beloit College Professor of Media Studies, Joe Bookman. During the course of Summer 2018 approximately 40 students participated in workshops provided by BIFF and the staff at The Castle at 501 Prospect in Beloit. Students learned the basics of screenwriting, composition, film structure, cinematography, lighting, acting and direction.

Student Screening

Saturday Feb. 23rd, 2019.
2:30 pm
Beloit Public Library
FREE, Open to the public

James Choi | Filmmaker Workshop, BIFF 2019Students were then asked to come up with story ideas, write scripts and shoot footage, which they worked into finished short films. These creations will be screened during BIFF 2019 at the Beloit Public Library and will be joined by BIFF 2019 Artist In Residence, James Choi, for a lively discussion and some filmmaking instruction.

Kids First!
2019 Films for Kids@BIFF

BIFF Classroom 2018

5th grade students from Aldrich, Cunningham, Fruzen and McNeel Intermediate Schools.

For the tenth straight year BIFF, in partnership with Kristy Champion and the School District of Beloit, presented its annual Kids@BIFF field trips to Schubert’s Luxury 10 Theater in Beloit.

5th Grade students from area middle schools assembled to watch short films and learn critical thinking skills as they became official BIFF film critics for a day. Approximately 1000 students took part in this year’s program.

BIFF - Beloit International Film Festival
BIFF | Beloit International Film Festival