Save 2$ per ticket!

Only if you purchase your BIFFicate packs before Pre-Fest Box Office Opens Feb. 11th.

BIFFicates must be exchanged for film tickets.

  • 4 Packs: $32 ($9 Savings)

  • 6 Packs: $48 ($14 Savings)

BIFFicates are vouchers that may be exchanged for tickets to any of the more than 100 films scheduled this year. BIFFicates offer an alternative to individual ticket purchases, and if ordered before the end of 2018, the savings are even greater… And you know you can’t watch just one film.

Many area companies have annually purchased BIFFicates as a treat for employees. They are all available with special savings if you purchase now:

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

Please note…

BIFFicates can be redeemed at the door.

There IS a caution though.

A BIFFicate is NOT a ticket.
Just like anyone else who waits to buy their tickets at the door there is a risk that the film will be sold out. A BIFFicate does not guarantee a seat. We recommend to BIFFicate holders like everyone else… you’re advised to get your tickets in advance.

BIFFicates can be redeemed online or at the box office.

Purchasing Multiple Packs as gifts for individual recipients?

Please submit individual orders.
This as each gift pack recipient will receive individual redemption codes.

BIFFicates are for conventional films and "Short Slots".

Sorry. Bifficates cannot be redeemed for the Silent Film, Sing Along or other non-film events.

Once online ticketing is available please allow 24 hrs. for promo code.

You or your gift recipient will need their promo code(s) to redeem their BIFFicate for film tickets.

Oweee! My Brain Hurts!

Redeeming Your BIFFicates

Redeeming BIFFicates Online


Redeem BIFFicates as a separate online order from any regular ticket purchases.

If you combine BIFFicate redemption with your online ticket purchases the system will charge processing fees on BIFFicates also by default. This cannot be refunded. So, don’t do that. :-)

  • Tickets going on sale will be announced…
    • Here on the website
    • BIFF Social Media
    • BIFF email distribution
  • You will be emailed your promo code(s) for BIFFicate redemption.
  • You will be prompted to enter your promo code(s) in redemption checkout.
  • You can redeem multiple BIFFicates in a single order.

Don’t Forget!

BIFFicates must be redeemed for film tickets

Don’t take BIFFicates to the venue.
It’s not a film ticket. You may not get in. ;-)

BIFFicates are for conventional film screenings

Sorry. They do not apply for Silent Film Showcase, Sing Along or other special events.

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