Black Noise

Filmmaker AttendingFriday: 1:30 pm  –  Hendricks Art Center
Saturday: 4:00 pm   –  Rotary Center


Black Noise | Behrooz Afkhami

Category: Feature
Country: Canada
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 84 min.
Director: Behrooz Afkhami
Producer: Farhad Vali
Website: Black Noise

Peter Martin wakes up but where is he? He looks around and it looks just like his house. It is his house and he’s sitting in his chair. He gets up to make a nice cup of tea. He wonders if his wife Dorothy would like one as well. He calls out her name but there’s no answer. It’s not like her to just go out without saying something. Just then Peter’s daughter, Carol, walks in with that good for nothing husband of hers, Philip. She starts talking about having to go in to the hospital for some tests but Peter feels just fine. What is all this nonsense about? And where is Dorothy?

At the hospital he is asked all sorts of questions. Questions he doesn’t quite know the answers to but Peter has never been one to remember simple things like birthdays and such. That has always been Dorothy’s thing.
Peter wakes up but where is he? He looks around and it looks just like his house. Is it his house? Is it his chair he’s sitting in?

Based on the short story ‘Black Sky at Night’, winner of the Ian St. James Award, Black Noise is a story told through the eyes of a man with Alzheimer’s. The film captures the confusion, frustration and anguish of Peter Martin, a man trying to return to a wife whose death he does not recollect.