Colegas (Buddies)

Colegas (Buddies)
The funniest comedy of the year

Buddies Movie Poster
Category: Adventure / Comedy
Country: Brazil
Language:  Portuguese
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 100 min.
Director: Marcelo Galvão
Producer: Marcelo Galvão




“Buddies” is a road movie that shows the simple things in life in a poetic light, through the eyes of 3 characters with Down syndrome, who run away from the institute where they live to gain their freedom.
They are Marcio, Ana and Stalone. Three wonderful individuals, who communicate using famous movie quotes, result of the many years working at the school video library. One day, watching Thelma and Louise, they decide to run away from the institute.

With a stolen VW Karmann Ghia they travel through dangerous and uncommon places in search of 3 simple wishes. Stallone wants to see the sea. Ana looks for someone to be her husband and Marcio needs to fly. In this wild search for their most intimate desires, they commit numerous harmless robberies and federal police starts to chase them. Quickly they become the top news headlines in the media.

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