Call for Interns

Call for Interns!

The Beloit International Film Festival is now looking for interns! We have a variety of internships that offer hands-on experience in many fields of study. Come and expand your knowledge in marketing, graphic design, event planning, community development and many other subject areas!

“I LOVE BIFF! My experience interning at BIFF taught me so many great skills…

Kristy McClammer | BIFF Intern

Kristy McClammer, our Hospitality Intern, comments on her experience with the 2013 festival:

“I LOVE BIFF! My experience interning at BIFF taught me so many great skills and introduced me to amazing people. I learned so much, but had the most amazing time doing it. All of the hard work leading up to the festival really paid off when I got to meet the filmmakers and see them enjoy all of their hard work as well. I would highly recommend the BIFF internship!”

About Interning with BIFF

All internships require 8 to 10 hours a week and the Beloit International Film Festival will cooperate with educational institutions to help the interns gain college credit. The hour requirements increase during the week of the festival in late February. Internships are unpaid but include many festival perks and possible future employment.

How To Apply:

The Festival is proud to bring together a team of bright interns that delivers an enriching arts experience to our community. If you interested in an internship with us, contact Kristin Peterson, the Education Director, at for more information.

Internships begin:

Most internships begin September 2013 and run until the end of the festival in February 2014.

Internships Available:

Below is a list of the duties for specific internships. Other internships are less structured, like the programming and research internships that focus on building the depth of a festival-goer’s experience.

  • Education Intern
    • Research children’s films, socially conscious films
      • Make list of contact information, title, year made, awards won
      • Invite contacts to submit through Without A Box
    • Gather school information: Principals, Auditoriums
    • Develop and Print materials for seminars, make PPs
    • Review/rate films and present to screening committees (SLU, JAIS)
    • Facilitate seminars/workshops
  • Media Intern (2 Interns requested)
    • Assist in Program Book design and manage website
    • Liaise with Photographers and Videographers
    • Craft and send Press Releases out to local and regional media outlets
    • Manage constant contacts and The Trailer during festival
    • Design and update social media campaigns
  • Community Partners/Conversations Intern
    • Making spreadsheet of local businesses and their possible interests
    • Invite Community Partners by mail, calling to follow up
    • Research possible Conversation Leaders and manage Conversations
    • Act as Community Partners’ contact during festival
  • Executive/Administrative & Special Events Intern
    • Assist Executive Director in administrative tasks
    • Act as Coordinator for Silent Film, Launch, Sing-A-Long and WI Showcase
    • Act as main contact for sponsors of special events
  • Wisconsin Showcase Intern
    • Make list of WI filmmaker contacts & invite to submit
    • Help organize & facilitate Showcase auxiliary events
    • Accumulate a list of and invite filmmaking related organizations to trade show
    • Act as hospitality contact for panelists
  • Volunteer Coordination Intern
    • Assist Volunteer Coordinator, Terri Burdick
  • Operations Intern
    • Assist Operations Director
    • Manage vault & make certain all accepted films’ discs are in the vault
  • Hospitality Intern
    • Liaise with accepted filmmakers, musicians, and panelists
    • Manage hospitality lounge – Help plan travel and stay arrangements
    • Transport filmmakers, panelists, & musicians during festival
  • BIFF + Music Intern
    • Assist BIFF + Music Coordinator in event operations and planning
    • Act as hospitality contact for musicians
  • Research, Programming and Development Interns
    • Work closely with the Executive Director and Education Director in:
      • Researching and attending other film festivals
      • Searching and inviting films to be included in the festivl
      • Developing new and innovative festival events and programs