One Night. Two Men. Three Hostages… No Clue

Category:  Comedy
Country:  United Kingdom
Language:  English
Rating:  PG-13
Runtime:  97 min.
Director:  Keri Collins
Producer:  Ray Panthaki




“When simple Shaan (Four Lions’ Adeel Ahktar) finds himself in debt to some Russians for an accidnetal strip club incident, he drags life-long friend Ajay (Ray Panthaki) into the circumstances by hiding at their flat. They escpae the gun-toting heavy foreigners, but still need to find a way to pay back the over £8000 of debt.

Stopping at a petrol station in the middle of the night, adrenaline takes over and soon they are covering their faces, wielding guns, screaming at the staff for all the money. Unfortunately with a time lock on the station’s safe, they have to wait until 6am to get the money and save themselves from Russians. Naturally this means tying up the staff, with the exception of mopey, bored employee  Levi (This Is England’s Vicky McClure) who slowly tries to get to safety by turning the friends on one another.”

NOTE:  Synopsis are typically provided directly by the filmmaker themselves. Often English is not their first language. We ask reader’s understanding for less-than-perfect language and grammar