Cowboy Christmas

Sat Feb 15, 2014 –  2:00 pm — Domenico’s  Tickets
Sun Feb 16, 2014 –  2:00 pm — Café Fromage #1  Tickets

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Filmmaker AttendingCowboy Christmas

Cowboy ChristmasCategory:  Documentary, Sport
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  PG
Runtime:  90 min.
Director:  H.D. Motyl
Producer:  H.D. Motyl




“Cowboy Christmas” follows four professional rodeo cowboys (steer wrestlers) as they travel the rodeo circuit in the two weeks leading up to the Fourth of July, looking for rodeo fame and fortune.  The two weeks before the Fourth of July are unofficially called Cowboy Christmas, because there are 65 rodeos across 25 states and that many chances for the cowboys to win money.

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