Double Feature 1

Thursday:  12:00 pm – Bushel & Peck’s
Saturday: 4:00 pm – Bagels & More
Sunday: 5:00 pm –  Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café

Human Factor

Category: Short | Double Feature
Country: France
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 29 min.
Director: Thibault Le Texier
Producer: Alice Beckmann
Website:  Thibault Le Texier Films

In 1914, an engineer sent away to reorganize a factory exchanges letters with his wife. As he tells her about his experiments in taylorism, she picks up bits and pieces of this method and to apply it to her daily tasks at home. While he gets disappointed by the Taylor system, his wife become a true domestic engineer.

End of the Road – How Money Became Worthless

Category: Short | Double Feature
Country: Australia
Language: English
Rating: PG
Runtime: 56 min.
Director: Tim Delmastro
Producer: Tim Delmastro
Website:  End Of The Road Film

Wall Street is being occupied. Europe is collapsing in on itself. Around the world, people are consumed by fear and anger, and one question is on everyone’s lips: Is the financial crisis over, or are we headed towards economic disaster?

In 2008 the world experienced one of the greatest financial turmoils in modern history. Markets around the world started crashing, stock prices plummeted, and major financial institutions, once thought to be invincible, started showing signs of collapse. Governments responded quickly, issuing massive bailouts and stimulus packages in an effort to keep the world economy afloat.

While we’re told that these drastic measures prevented a total collapse of our system, a growing sense of unease has spread throughout the population. In the world of finance, indeed in all facets of modern life, cracks have started to appear. What lies ahead as a result of these bold ‘money printing’ measures? Was the financial crisis solved, or were the problems merely ‘kicked down the road?’