BIFF Film Index | 2013

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Film NameFestival CategoryFilm TypeFilmmaker(s)
Award...Info and
50 Year Old FreshmanDouble Feature 6DocumentaryYES!Click Here
After LuciaFeatureBIFF LatinoClick Here
America's DarlingDocumentaryDocumentaryYES!Click Here
The AngstShort Slot 4DramaClick Here
Anyone Out ThereFeatureComedyYES!Click Here
AzoomaFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
Because It's SmallShort Slot 2FamilyYES!Click Here
Beneath the BlindfoldDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Big Noise - TheFeatureComedyClick Here
Black NoiseFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
Black SandBIFF for the DeafBIFF ASL FilmClick Here
bona noxShort Slot 5DramaClick Here
BottleShort Slot 1DramaClick Here
BounceShort Slot 3AlternativeClick Here
BrightwoodShort Slot 6DramaYES!Click Here
Bringing King to ChinaDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Busker's BountyFeatureComedyYES!Click Here
CastingShort Slot 5AlternativeClick Here
CatCamShort Slot 1educationalClick Here
Cherry WavesShort Slot 7DramaClick Here
Code of the WestDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Colors of Evil - TheShort Slot 2AnimationClick Here
Comeback, WI Beer MovieDocumentaryDocumentaryYES!Click Here
ConfineFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
CongratulationsFeatureDramaClick Here
Consider the ConversationFeatureDocumentaryYES!Click Here
CrackedShort Slot 1ExperimentalYES!Click Here
DAR HE:FeatureDramaClick Here
Days of SantiagoFeatureBIFF LatinoClick Here
Delusions of GrandeurFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
Deserved LessonFeatureHorrorClick Here
Dislecksia: The MovieDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
DistanceShort Slot 5ComedyClick Here
Duck Hunter - TheFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
EllaShort Slot 4AnimationClick Here
Empty Nest - TheTriple Feature 4ComedyClick Here
End of the Road - TheDouble Feature 1DocumentaryClick Here
Extraction - TheShort Slot 4DramaYES!Click Here
Fambul TokDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Find the WayFeatureComedyClick Here
Finding John SmithFeatureComedyClick Here
Fourth World - TheDouble Feature 5DocumentaryClick Here
Fuzz Track CityFeatureComedyYES!Click Here
Glitter DustDocumentaryDocumentaryYES!Click Here
Global TidesShort Slot 2WomenClick Here
Goodbye Cruel WorldShort Slot 7ComedyClick Here
House, A Home - AShort Slot 3RomanceClick Here
Human Factor - TheDouble Feature 1DramaClick Here
In Our HandsTriple Feature 2DramaClick Here
Into The WakeFeatureDramaClick Here
Invisible Men - TheDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Just Like MeShort Slot 5DramaClick Here
Kaloo SchoolShort Slot 1DocumentaryClick Here
La Mirada PerdidaShort Slot 6n/aClick Here
LandscapeShort Slot 7AlternativeClick Here
Last Stop: SalvationFeatureComedyClick Here
Left Bank BooksellerDouble Feature 4DramaYES!Click Here
LIFELESSTriple Feature 3ComedyClick Here
LiftedShort Slot 3DramaClick Here
Like The WaterFeatureDramaClick Here
Little RedFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
Love TownFeaturen/aYES!Click Here
LovesuckTriple Feature 2DramaYES!Click Here
LuminarisShort Slot 1AnimationClick Here
Man with all the Marbles - TheShort Slot 5DramaClick Here
Megumi's WorkoutShort Slot 2ComedyYES!Click Here
Memento MoriShort Slot 3DramaYES!Click Here
Memoirs of a ScatterbrainDouble Feature 4DocumentaryClick Here
MiloShort Slot 1DramaClick Here
Mine is MineTriple Feature 4ComedyClick Here
Miracles on Honey Bee Hill - TheTriple Feature 3ComedyYES!Click Here
Missed ConnectionsShort Slot 4ComedyYES!Click Here
Much Ado About KnottingDouble Feature 7DocumentaryClick Here
My Friend ErhanShort Slot 3DramaYES!Click Here
My Way HomeDouble Feature 2DocumentaryClick Here
Naked Gun - TheClassic MovieComedyYES!Click Here
NoShort Slot 6n/aClick Here
NoonerShort Slot 2DramaYES!Click Here
Nowhere To GoShort Slot 6DramaClick Here
Old AngelShort Slot 1AnimationClick Here
Old Country LullabyShort Slot 1DramaClick Here
Old GrowthDouble Feature 2DramaYES!Click Here
On The VergeFeatureComedyYES!Click Here
Oscar VShort Slot 5ComedyClick Here
Passing The BatonDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Pauline EtienneTriple Feature 2ComedyClick Here
Place in the World - ADocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Quest for EnergyShort Slot 1EducationalClick Here
QWERTYFeatureComedyClick Here
Refuge:DocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
ResiduumShort Slot 5ComedyClick Here
Runner - TheShort Slot 6DramaClick Here
Ruthless PeopleFeatureComedyYES!Click Here
SalayDouble Feature 3DramaClick Here
Shoot The MoonTriple Feature 2DramaClick Here
Silk - TheShort Slot 2DramaClick Here
Sin NombreFeatureBIFF LatinoClick Here
SmileShort Slot 1DramaClick Here
StalledShort Slot 7AlternativeClick Here
Sudden NatureTriple Feature 1DramaYES!Click Here
Suddenly, ZinatDouble Feature 3DramaClick Here
Suffering Grasses - TheDouble Feature 5DocumentaryClick Here
Sweatshop - TheShort Slot 2DramaClick Here
They Drew FireDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Things My Father Never Taught Me - TheShort Slot 4ComedyClick Here
Things We Don't Talk AboutDocumentaryDocumentaryYES!Click Here
This Is My SisterDouble Feature 7DocumentaryYES!Click Here
Today We Saw The Face Of GodDocumentaryDocumentaryYES!Click Here
TransthreededShort Slot 1AnimationClick Here
TreasureShort Slot 2DramaClick Here
TrimbeltenShort Slot 7DramaClick Here
TxikiTriple Feature 1DocumentaryClick Here
Umpire - TheTriple Feature 3DramaClick Here
Und ExitusFeatureComedyClick Here
UnfarewellShort Slot 5AlternativeClick Here
Vampire Formerly Known as DraculaShort Slot 4ComedyYES!Click Here
Versa EffectBIFF for the DeafBIFF ASL FilmClick Here
Wait for RainShort Slot 3ComedyClick Here
What's the Time Mr. Wolf?Double Feature 6DocumentaryClick Here
Why Do Hyenas Laugh?Triple Feature 4n/aClick Here
Wolf CallShort Slot 6DramaClick Here
Workers Leaving the FactoryShort Slot 4DramaClick Here
World for RaulShort Slot 7DramaClick Here
Wrong GameBIFF for the DeafBIFF ASL FilmClick Here