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Film Name & LinkFestival CategoryFilm TypeRatingFilmmakers
37.4 SAround the Word ShortNative/Aboriginal PeoplesPG
Air Balloon CircusAround the Word ShortDrama, Neo-noirPG
America 101Comedy ShortComedy, Social IssuePG-13YES
American CapitalismExperimental ShortAvant-garde, historicalPG
Animation Hotline, 2012Animation ShortComedy, Avant-GardePG
Another RoundShown before FeatureComedy, MusicPG
Apple of my EyeShown before FeatureDrama, FamilyPG
ArrowheadWI / IL Short Slot - 1ComedyPG-13YES
Billy ClubFeatureComedy, HorrorRYES
Billy in MotionAround the World ShortComedy, StudentPG
Borrowed LightAnimation ShortFantasy, Children GYES
Brandi SweetWI / IL Short Slot - 1DramaR
BraveheartFree Closing EventDrama, ActionR
BreadheadsExperimental ShortSurreal, Neo-noirPG-13
BreakWI / IL Short Slot - 2Drama, Gay/LesbianPG-13
Broken FluteExperimental ShortComedyPG
B-SideFeatureComedy, RomancePG-13YES
ChannelingFeatureDrama, Sci-fiRYES
ChernoKidsExperimental ShortAlternative, Avant-gardePG-13
Circle the WagenDocumentaryComedy, Road TripPG
Corey's *asteRISKSDocumentaryN/APG-13
Cowboy ChristmasWI / IL DocumentarySport, Road TripPGYES
CucaranchulaFamily ShortComedy, DramaPGYES
Date AmericaDocumentaryComedy, Road TripPG-13YES
Dave vs DeathComedy ShortComedyPG-13YES
Day of the DeadAnimation ShortFamily, HispanicG
Der UntermenschShown before FeatureAlternative, Gay/LesbianPG-13
Drywater Productions SpotlightWI / IL FeatureEducational, WorkshopN/AYES
EchoShown before FeatureDrama, StudentPG-13
Ericka Frederick SpotlightWI / IL FeatureEducational, WorkshopN/A
Flowers of MadisonWI / IL FeatureN/APG
FlytopiaExperimental ShortAlternative, SurrealPG-13
French Dip: A tale from LAFamily ShortCulture, BiographyG
From the Darkness TheatreWI / IL Short Slot - 2Drama, HororPG-13YES
Funny ValentineShown before FeatureRomance, YouthRYES
GadflyWI / IL Short Slot - 2Drama, CrimePG-13YES
GearsWI / IL Short Slot - 1Sci Fi, DramaPG-13YES
Genital Extreme Close-upComedy ShortDrama, EroticR
Go Down DeathFeatureComedy, DramaRYES
Goat Herder and his lots...Animation ShortNature, ChildrenG
Golden ScallopFeatureComedyPG-13YES
Golden TicketComedy ShortComedyPG-13
GoldtoothAround the World ShortDrama, UrbanPG
Great Chicken Wing HuntDocumentaryComedy, Road TripPGYES
Harry Grows UpFamily ShortComedy, RomanceG
Hasta NuncaWI / IL DocumentaryAlternative, HispanicRYES
Heavy HandsWI / IL FeatureDrama, CrimeRYES
Historical FragmentAnimation ShortN/AG
HomeFeatureDrama, FamilyPG-13
Hooba JoobaComedy ShortComedy, MaturePG-13
Hot Guys with GunsFeatureComedy, MatureMA
House of ThaddeusWI / IL FeatureDramaR
Human WarFeatureComedy, Coming of AgeRYES
Human War - Making ofFilmmaker SpotlightComedy, Coming of AgeRYES
in the CanFeatureN/AN/AYES
IndisposableAround the World ShortDramaPGYES
Institute - TheDocumentarySci-Fi, MockumentaryPG-13YES
Jake SquaredFeatureComedy, RomanceR
Jimmy in PienkFeatureComedy, RomancePG-13YES
Killer KartComedy ShortComedy, HorrorR
LegacyAnimation ShortN/AG
Lion ArkDocumentaryWildlife, EnvironmentPGYES
Lionfish DelusionAnimation ShortMystery, Neo-NoirPG
LookAnimation ShortDrama, Sci-fiGYES
Lost in LivingDocumentaryBiographyPG-13YES
Love and GermaphobiaComedy ShortComedyR
Love In The Time Of AdvertisingFamily ShortComedy, RomanceG
Love You StillWI / IL Short Slot - 2DramaPGYES
Mad ShipFeatureDrama, RomancePG-13
Magnetic ReconnectionExperimental ShortAlternative, EnvironmentalG
Making of Human WarFilmmaker SpotlightComedy, Coming of AgeRYES
MalariaAnimation ShortHistory, StudentPG
Man Behind the ThroneDocumentaryCulture, DancePG
Mediocracy 1-3WI / IL FeatureComedy, Web SeriesPG-13YES
Midd ToddFamily ShortFamily, EducationalG
MoonAnimation ShortMusicG
MossFeatureThriller, CrimeR
Move MountainAnimation ShortDrama, FamilyG
MulliganWI / IL FeatureComedy, AdventureR
Nefertiti's HandFamily ShortComedy, AnimationG
Night LightsWI / IL FeatureDrama, RomancePGYES
NormalWI / IL FeatureComedy, DramaRYES
OconomowocWI / IL FeatureComedyR
Ophelia: Love & Privacy_settingsComedy ShortComedy, StudentPG-13
Overpass Light BrigadeWI / IL Short Slot - 2Drama, CultureGYES
Painter - TheWI / IL Short Slot - 1Drama, ExperimentalRYES
PutzelFeatureComedy, RomanceR
Rabbit and DeerFamily ShortFamily, FantasyG
Reflection of YouAround The World ShortN/APG-13
Siberia. MonamourFeatureDramaR
Sign PaintersDocumentaryCulture, ArtG
Silent FacesWI / IL Short Slot - 1DramaPGYES
Sleight of HandAnimation ShortDrama, FantasyG
Smart OnesWI / IL FeatureComedy, StudentPG-13
SnowglobeExperimental ShortAvant-gardeGYES
Sixty Years of SymphonyDocumentaryCommunity, MusicG
Story of LightsAround the World ShortDrama, NatureG
Street PulseWI / IL DocumentaryCulture, Social IssuePGYES
Strings of ColorsAround the World ShortEducational, AsianG
Student Filmmaker ShowcaseWI / IL FeatureEducational / WorkshopN/AYES
Studies in SpaceExperimental ShortArt, DanceG
Tales from the Organ TradeDocumentaryHuman Rights, CrimeR
Tate Bunker SpotlightWI / IL FeatureEcucationalN/A
Things Found on the GroundWI / IL FeatureComedy, DramaPG-13YES
This is How You DieComedy ShortComedy, HorrorPG-13
Touring TalkiesFeatureN/AR
Ugly NightShown Before FeatureDrama, ThrillerN/A
Under Cold Bright StarsFamily ShortSurreal, MusicG
USPSWI / IL Short Slot - 1DocumentaryGYES
VoiceoverAround the World ShortN/APG
Wayward SunWI / IL FeatureDrama, ThrillerPG-13YES
We will be backDocumentaryHistoryPG-13YES
When The King TiltsWI / IL FeatureComedy, DramaPG-13YES
Wheel - TheWI / IL Short Slot - 2Drama, FablePGYES
Where Nature Seems to SmileDocumentaryIrish, HistoricalG
While It LastsWI / IL Short Slot - 1Documentary, BiographyPGYES
White Room - TheWI / IL Short Slot - 2Drama, Sci-FiPG-13YES
WI Media Spotlight 1WI / IL FeatureN/AN/A
WI Media Spotlight 2WI / IL FeatureN/AN/A
Yellow Sticky Notes Animation ShortArt, HistoryPG
You'll Be a ManFeatureDrama, FamilyPG-13
Vets RollShown with FeatureDocumentaryG