Filmmaker Festival Reviews |BIFF 2015

Films are continually reviewed. It’s all part of the process.
Film Festivals on the other hand…

Films get reviewed for inclusion into a film festival after which the process simply continues as films get reviewed by both “official film reviewers” and festival attendees. Each screening of a film, particularly at a film festival results in some form of review either formally for an “audience choice” award or simply in the mind of the audience member for subsequent conversations. It’s a humbling gauntlet of never ending critiques of the artistic expression from countless hours of devotion and, well funds. Naturally the filmmaker wants their work appreciated. Here at the Beloit International Film Festival we work hard to try and make sure our filmmakers and their work is appreciated. Some ways more obvious, others more subtle.

Less frequent however are opportunities for filmmakers to express their own reviews on their reception and experience at a given film festival. We, like the filmmakers themselves work hard to provide something of value to our audience, both festival attendees and our participating filmmakers.

It is not only understandable but expected that filmmakers feature their festival awards and accolades. They’re rightfully proud.

And like our guest filmmakers we too are proud of any recognition gained from our attending filmmakers for a job well done.

So, from the BIFF organizers to the sponsors to the volunteers and the Beloit community we say…
Thank you.

Hank and Asha

Filmmaker Festival Review – Julia Morrison, Co-Producer | Hank & Asha

“Thanks again for inviting ‘Hank and Asha’ to screen at BIFF, and for all of your hard work and hospitality at this year’s fest. It was a great experience — good audience turnout, really nice community support. You have all built a very special event in your town, and you can really feel how deeply it is appreciated by festival goers and volunteers. It was an honor to be included in it. The intimate-ness of the town and the fest also was very conducive to above-average chumminess among the participating filmmakers, which was lovely as well.”
Paper Chain Productions

FOOD | Song Siqi

Filmmaker Festival Review – Song Siqi, Animator, Director, Producer | Food

“BIFF has a great selection of films, nice group of filmmakers, friendly and helpful volunteers, engaged audiences and the most dedicated festival staff. Thank you so much for bringing us to this fabulous town!”