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A big thank- you!

Thank you for a most wonderful event! Marvo has been honored to be a part of your 8th Anniversary Beloit International Film Festival. The festival provided not only the opportunity to share our project with your audience, but also to meet some of the great people in your community. I enjoyed meeting David at the event last evening, along with a host of others affiliated with the festival.

With special regards,

Samuel Koltinsky
Executive Producer, America’s Darling: The Story of Jay N. ‘Ding” Darling
Marvo Entertainment Group LLC

Hi there!

We’ve been meaning to drop you a note to thank you for a great experience. We were honored to have “LoveTown” as part of the mix. Your Wisconsin film-going audiences were enthusiastic and appreciative, and we also truly enjoyed getting to know some of the other great filmmakers there that weekend.

Thanks again and best of luck to you and BIFF in the future!

Ann-Janette, Jay and the crew from “LoveTown”

Ann-Janette Webster
Pioneer Productions Inc

Thank You BIFF

I just wanted to express my gratitude for what was an amazing festival. Thank you so much for selecting On The Verge and promoting it the way you did. Comedy sometimes isn’t received so well in the festival circuit. I am impressed that as a team, you have confidence in your festival’s identity to be out front and put forth such a diverse and rich collection of stories. To have On The Verge be part of that makes it all the more special to me.

Thanks again for everything, it was a great festival run by great people! From the staff, to the venues, to the engaged community and audiences – Wisconsin truly has a gem in BIFF!

I’m a huge fan!!

Pete Balistrieri
“On The Verge”