50 Year Old Freshman – Suzanne Heim-Bowen

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Genre:   Documentary, Biography
Country:   U.S.
Subtitles:   No
Rating:   G
Runtime:   54 min
Director:   Deborah J. McDonald
Producer:   Deborah J. McDonald
Website :  DeborahJMcDonald

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50 Year Old Freshman


“A 50 year old Masters Hall of Fame swimmer is recruited by perennial college swimming powerhouse, Diablo Valley College, and joins their swim team.

This multi award winning documentary captures that record-smashing season and the preceding 30 years of open water exploits, including the first of 3 successful crossings of the English Channel.

It explores the universal themes of hard work and discipline and examines the attitude that remaining relevant and vibrant as one ages is a state of mind.”

50 Year Old Freshman was a recent BIFFY award winner.

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