A Binding Truth

Directed by by Louise Woehrle


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A Binding Truth

Directed by Louise Woehrle
Documentary Feature
United States | 90 min | 2023

They were high school classmates in 1965. Jimmie transferred his senior year to an affluent high school in Charlotte – he was their first Black football star. That decision swept him into one of North Carolina’s most volatile civil rights cases, played out at the explosive intersection of football and race. Fellow classmate De watched that case unfold and wrote about it in his college essay application. Decades later, a shocking discovery reveals secrets buried in church records, reconnecting the two men and changing their lives. Their story, rooted in the South, is also America’s story – one of slavery’s legacy and our current racial divide. It’s a story of healing and shows a way forward as Jimmie and De explore their binding truth.

News & Reviews

“Two former high school classmates, one black and one white, explore a complicated familial history in director Louise Woehrle’s incredible documentary, A Binding Truth Cinemacy

“A BINDING TRUTH rides a whirlwind of subject with impressive mastery” Film Threat

Documentary Review: “A Binding Truth” – Friendship, Slavery’s Legacy and Uncomfortable Pasts.” GHMovieFreak

“A Binding Truth shows that even over a century after Slavery was abolished in the country, African Americans in the Deep South still suffer from its curse. However, the film also valiantly explores hope in the form of a growing willingness for expiation and reconciliation.” ReviewRon

“A Binding Truth is currently on the festival circuit, and it is the kind of documentary that one could easily see becoming an attraction on PBS or the History Channel and used in schools to put a personal face on an issue that sadly remains an abstraction for many Americans.” 1 More Film Blog

“I highly recommend anyone, regardless of their racial/ethnic background, to see this film. It’s deeply insightful and profound, with plenty of important yet applicable life lessons.”
FlixChatter Film Blog

“This new documentary, directed by Louise Woehrle, had a reception well earned for Woehrle and her team, as A Binding Truth elegantly traces the complex backstory of two men, once high school classmates, now close friends and more. audience at the 2023 Twin Cities Film Festival in tearful, grateful applause.” Film Obsessive

“It’s not shoving a message down our throats. It’s presenting a story through these two men and the lives they touch so we can just feel what we want to feel, and maybe it’ll awaken something in us or give us a new perception. ” Sun Current Newspaper

My mission is to shine a light on stories that need to be told, with the hope that they will inspire us to see ourselves and others in new ways, promote healing, and connect us as human beings.

A Binding Truth

Louise Woehrle, Director | A Binding Truth

Louise Woehrle

Louise Woehrle, owner of Whirlygig Productions, is a passionate storyteller whose mission is to shine a light on stories that need to be told with the hope they will serve as catalysts for change. Early in her career, Louise served as executive producer for the Regional Emmy-award-winning short dramatic film Grandfather’s Birthday.

With over twenty-five years of experience, she’s a multi-award-winning documentary filmmaker whose various projects represent narratives that are culturally diverse with a global reach: “Stalag Luft III-One Man’s Story” “Pride of Lions,” “The Pathway,” BUSHIDO, and “Sweet Blood,” have received awards, aired on broadcast television, and woven their way through several nonprofits, educational institutions, and organizations.

Her recent film ‘Stalag Luft III – One Man’s Story,”(2019) has received several “Best Documentary” festival awards, special screenings, and it aired on PBS/TPT Minnesota Experience, garnering one of their highest viewership numbers. It is currently in the distribution process.

Louise recently completed her current feature documentary film, “A Binding Truth.” It is a timely story about Race, Slavery, and two men with very little in common who become friends as they find a way forward through their binding truth.

Film Information

Director: Louise Woehrle
Country: United States
Year: 2023
Language: English
Runtime: 90 min
Rated:  PG


Producer: Louise Woehrle
Writer: Louise Woehrle

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